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  1. Coming to EuroMeet in Ithaca this Month? Be great to see you & the wagon!
  2. You realize the design of the two transaxles differs greatly? Not even sure they were made by the same manufacturer, as the M66 fell under Ford purview. M66 doesn't use brass synchros , and the gear cluster design is very different than M56. I would say no way in hell you can mix & match internals, never mind swapping entire clusters.
  3. I don't know - he was having trouble with stress cracks even back when he made it. Hopefully he will be @ Carlisle & I can ask him... The cool feature on the one I referenced (StiggyPop on TB) - is that he used the T/gate for the back of the cab, and it's functional. Plan is to do the same, possibly with a slightly shorter cab though. Going to +T it while I'm at at, and looking for C30 or C70 seats... Been racking up the parts to refresh engine, suspension, brakes, etc., in the process. Car sat for at least a couple years & rotors, calipers are fucked. One front strut s
  4. Bought this To make one of these. Hope to get started late fall/winter
  5. Sounds like you're better off with the locked coupler, based on your setup. Doesn't seem there is any reason to have the VC feature, and sell the good VC on.
  6. With the power you're putting down, the VC will lock very quickly - once I went over 350AWHP the torque split was 50/50
  7. I'll answer this from my perspective - I put 500AWHP through mine - it was the stock '00 coupler. They may hold more, I dunno. The freewheel mechanism is what failed first on the earlier ones I used (late 98-99).
  8. Does it have the same issue - circuit load carried by the switches? The windows are slow to operate without this mod - now they move in a more sprightly fashion. Thank you - it's been tough with the cold - laying on the floor of the garage sucks - even though I'm using several sheets of heavy cardboard, & tarp under that. With the paint, I have to work quick (with respirator) & then get out before the fumes get bad. More paint Removed the Rad/Fans/AC condenser to replace the damaged condenser I'd like to have added a Volvo fan - b
  9. Moving along with the floor... sanded the epoxy seams, ground back the rivets, primed & ready to caulk caulked - & final primer inside & out Seam is reasonably concealed on this side. I think once the (3M) Rocker Schutz & Undercoat are applied it will be invisible had time to get first layer of top coat on the inside also made a housing for the power window relay mod - I used 900 series relay sockets - based on this type retainer
  10. Nice work, Matt. That fuel rail looks awfully familiar Regarding the JPT terminal housings (4pole for original coil) - since you only need 2 wires, you CAN buy the two pole male # 106462-1. TE Connectivity "Automotive Connectors FASTIN-FASTON 2P HSG" The 2 pole female is 282189-1 I use them often & get them from Mouser. The 'Tabs" (male pins) come in a range of AWG crimp sizes, but you can remove the originals from the 4 pole & reuse the factory tabs - there is an awesome tool that does remove the male & female JPT terminals used all over the engine harne
  11. It's been bloody cold here in my part of NY, along with some mild health issues, I haven't been doing much on the car - I'm lucky if I get the metal of the body up to 40ºF, so it sucks all the heat out of me leaning on it or under it to work. Anyway, I did have time to get the floor pan fitted. stripped all mating surfaces (about 1" overlap) Rough sanded for adhesion with the Fusor 2 part body epoxy. Cut the drain hole to match the factory drains in the three other areas. This product is very low odor and has about 90min work time - so not difficult to work with for fiddly panels like thi
  12. Nice! They really are overkill - but that does mean pads & rotors last much longer! You have CEIKA up front, correct?
  13. Yes, you buy the kit - offset adaptors (dependent on choice of rotor), calipers, rotor rings & hubs, new lines
  14. New calipers for the C30 - the originals (about 8 years old now) were intended for the V70 - the black doesn't go so well on a black car. Main reason was this - revised design for the eBrake New wheels (17") for my snows for next year - my Enkeis are kinda beat up now