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  1. My future car for sure. Hoping in the next couple of years I can get one as I've always loved the 996 turbo. In fact I was just looking at these earlier today to see the price ranges. Sweet ass car dude
  2. Damn Val that's badass. Congrats on everything!
  3. I'm running those too except mines aren't black
  4. Well apparently I blew the radiator on the dd AFTER putting the s70 in the shop for custom work smgdh
  5. Ding ding ding. Mike hit it on the head. I wrench on fleet salt spreaders (international's, freight liners..ect) and the baby spreaders ( f550's ect). It looks a lot easier than it is all I'm going to say. These Chicago winters give these trucks the business
  6. Man I know that shit took some time. When I was younger (I'm 30 lol) I would go all out on my cars. Claybar, sealer, glaze, ect, I don't think I have the patience anymore for that lol. I take my cars to detail places now. I haven't washed a car on my own in about 10 years
  7. Before you decided to post this in this thread, did you try to contact him through a pm?
  8. All 5!!!! Holy sh*t I've never seen that before. Have you talked to wiseco yet?
  9. Fixed my crazy exhaust leak from my screamer pipe and put a little bit of miles on the car today. Gotta find my vacuum leak now
  10. From my experience law enforcement don't like to have their authority questioned. It's more of a do as I say and don't say shit about it or I'll write you more tickets or plant some drugs or a throw away on you. Either they're racist, have little man syndrome, got a baby d*ck or are just pussies. For the most part scared ppl kill out of fear but it's happening too frequent so I'm starting to believe it's becoming a sport
  11. When I swapped my old 850 I removed the driver seat and that made everything much easier. When Tommy did his swap the seat was left in and I got a pretty nasty headache laying under the dash plus it was crazy hot. Everything's looking good bro.
  12. it's most def the lift lol. They make everything easier
  13. Coming along nicely Andy.