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  1. Welp,. I haven't posted in for freaking ever. below are my current projects, mostly investing in the 122 right now. The R got converted to M56-Quaife so its a good replacement for my old C70. (I don't miss the ME7 stuff though)
  2. Haven't been here in a while. How are you all doing? Got rid of the C70, sad but I needed to move onto something different. I've got a 12 S60T5, an 89 245 and the 65 Amazon now. No more ticket bait with the C70M gone.
  3. So I was in Las Vegas for business this week and took my usually dawn patrol walk past the casinos. (not many people around and the ones that are out are usually interesting to watch since they probably have been going all night) My late night partying got pretty much used up in the last century. I saw these recently discarded Daisy Dukes in a planter box. I'm trying to imagine what the story is as to how these ended up there, any guesses?
  4. My IPD pic. Since she's for sale. Might be one of the last pics.
  5. That's about right, since I do those 1 tank runs to Seattle and back in the C, that;s about the delta I usually get.
  7. The never ending quest to throw $$ at the Amazon X2