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  1. Stock grill back on, stock ECU back in, working SAS pump back in, plugged in but monkey the plumbing CEL is off and that's all I was after. Pulled out the pod, gauges, eliminated the wiring, pulled the 901 and cd changer. Ran Mike's S60R in the night where no traffic was visible and got my doors knocked in once he got going. We were on the phone like, ONE TWO THREE GO Tomorrow morning before work I will go see Justin for stock headlights/corner lights bc I will not have time to receive the stock replacements from Stormtrooper and then I will pull the Jewels, IPD intake, stru
  2. I would just gather your parts man. If it's either 2 or 4 the dist. block you buy will accept either one.
  3. Having replaced all my positive cables I'm going to give a best guess of 4 gauge.
  4. If all goes according to plan I will have to give you a ride with the V6 VTAKKK
  5. :lol: It is good out of a bottle but I like the can better. :P
  6. I have been beating the living stuff out of my car lately. Also, holy monkey, IPD Springs to Canada UPS = $175. :lol:
  7. I joined a TL forum to learn, been reading around a bit and that seems to be the general information. They also retrofit 03 - 05 Accord Fog Assemblies and Type S grills. None of that though if this happens. But holy stuff is there ever a large aftermarket world of support for the TL's. The prices seem to reflect the popularity and production quantity as well making things a lot cheaper. From what people are saying if you live in 6th gear on the highway you get 30+ mpg, that would surely work, especially since that's most of my driving. The 04's mainly seem to have a problem w
  8. I've never really taken a second glance at one until I test drove that one Monday. You're right though, I think I have a newly found soft spot as well. I really liked the "cockpit", everything feels like it just wraps around you. It was almost as if the seat wrapped it's bolsters around me when I sat in it. I could def. see long trips going very comfortably. The only thing I'd like to see on it are fog lights. I imagine they were available but on all the other 05's I've researched they don't seem to have fogs. Unless the headlights are that good that you do not need them.....still nic
  9. do want 05, 77K miles, 6MT, fully loaded, nav, ~270 hp, im surprised its rated at ~30 highway......hope the numbers come to where I need them
  10. Interesting, never thought about it like that. Either way the price of pretty much all HDTV's has fallen a damn good bit so many good deals are to be had. Walmart just kicks some killer sale prices from time to time and it's hard to resist. :lol:
  11. That's cool, for Walmart branded things Vizio is pretty nice IMO.
  12. Is that their new LED HDTV? My wife and I just got a 32 in. 720 LED and the picture quality beats LCD/Plasma 1080 by a long shot. Not to mention the thing is one inch deep and weighs like 5 lbs. :lol:
  13. So I just went to look at a loaded 05 TL w/ 75K miles, was a pretty sharp car. God damn I don't want the payment though, honestly, above all I'd have a really hard time listing mine for sale in fear that it wouldn't be taken care of. Ah well, I got looking at a new car out of my system for a while........then I made turbo noises all the way home. Edit: Damn it, I thought I was replying in Off Topic. :angry:
  14. Pressure wash to get the bugs from my highway travels this week off the car.....then pulled out of the bay into the rain.
  15. That's cool, what a great present. I've been using Mike's over the past 3 years or so and his certainly has held up well, it's damn near as old as I am. One thing's for sure, a lot of my free time will now be occupied. :lol:
  16. x2 2 bump stops as well Someone buy my H&R's, pay by tomorrow and I'll cut you a hell of a deal. I also have TC front struts w ~20K miles available for a steal.
  17. lol justin forgot what ur tv looked like
  18. Some say I am awesome.

  19. I see, maybe ours looks good because it's only hooked up to an older Sony WEGA flatscreen tube tv. I'd really like a ~55 in. for the living room but the Sony is in such nice shape and does a fantastic job sound and picture wise. Maybe when it starts acting up....
  20. Dickhead, mine next. Came out good, now no more buffing until the beading starts to disappear. Be nice to the paint. As for me, not really what I did to the car but I pulled the IPD springs I got from Joey off the stock struts so they're ready to slap on the Konis. Man were those struts ever blown, one bump stop was completely flat. :lol: