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  1. Dang, wish I would of known. Just bought a Sector 9 for the nephew.....
  2. Watched my nephew in what was possibly his final competitive hockey game ever. But he and his team had other plans. Johnny netted the winner!!! So a 6am drive back to London for this guy!

  3. 8 years already!! Happy birthday to my little girl Paetah!!

  4. Fail for Nail!!! stuff this Leaf fan says..........

  5. I just got home from there at 2. Were you there today?
  6. A big sorry in advance to all my friends who are Wings fans!

  7. My brother just installed a natural gas heater in his place(my old shed) about a month ago. I will see if he will put pics on here.
  8. Yeah, I only had 10 mins to play. Haven't really gotten into it. But I have noticed the running around part.
  9. I just bought this recently. Whats your thoughts on it?
  10. I live in a border city and cross all the time and save 20-40 dollars on a fill up all the time.
  11. Hook or flatbed? It can be a crazy job. You see some scary things at times. I did it for extra cash for 3 years.
  12. You should reinforce that trophy shelf. lol. Car looks great as always.
  13. Happy 4th Birthday to Daddy's Little Girl!