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  1. Found these on clearance for $40 @ local hockey store
  2. Put new Wastegate Actuator on it.. Then noticed it needs new serp belt and maybe compressor <_<
  3. Great thread, love all the pictures There a book any one can recommend that would sort of teach me the basics of camera and setting up shots? Thank!
  4. Some times you can adjust the cable under the dash... I have heard of some people putting a nylon spacer (between the pedal and the cable so it pulls it tighter)
  5. New brake line, Stripped out the end... 05+ Powersteering reservoir and assorted hose clamps, gaskets,fluids for it A-pillar - For homemade gauge pod Various bits to replace the turbo (in the basement getting rebuilt(
  6. What is this? Audi... Think its going for ridiculous points on the wing?
  7. and some new plugs, I realized I was running Bosch Platinum's When I need Bosch platinum Plus+
  8. Yes, His asking price was around $5,500..