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  1. Sounds great and well done. Must be pulling some G's to get the coolant warning to light up.
  2. I think I know what you're experiencing with the low-speed clacking noise while in gear. I went from a dual-mass flywheel to single-mass (like you have) several years ago and started experiencing that. All mounts and bushings were/are fresh and tight, but could not eliminate it. Kind of like a "trailer-hitch" effect, is I believe how lookforjoe described it, with a metallic clink. I finally discovered that there is just a small amount of rotational slack in the axle itself. Not sure if it's where the splines meet the gearbox, or if it's internal in the m56h itself. Either way, it's not going a
  3. Glad you're okay. Curious--How'd it happen?
  4. Sucks about the car. You okay?
  5. Looks totally presentable. Maybe even better than the black. Let's hope it doesn't leak.
  6. Those bushes in the background!
  7. That looks very tidy. Nice work.
  8. Just found your thread. Nice work on the engine bay, and on the vinyl. And how about that e85!?
  9. I don't think he knew where to "market" it. The shipping issue was also going to be a challenge.
  10. I almost had a deal for that guy's m56h and gripper, but then he said he was going to sell them along with the car to someone. Congrats, it's a cool car, and some nice parts.
  11. As a prosecutor of financial crimes, my money's on he didn't start out intending to screw anyone. I do know Sean exists on a shoestring budget. Taking all those deposits . . . . My bet is he started to juggle and things got out of hand. That doesn't necessarily make you a thief--unless you keep accepting money, which it's hard to say whether that happened. Even though there may be no theft crime, the ethical and moral obligation to stand up and communicate to his creditors, and the legal obligation to repay them (even if it's by small payments over time), stands.
  12. Weird seeing the last moments of someone's life.
  13. Was looking for a mod list . . . .