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  1. The robbers probably acted like they had guns in their pockets and the pizza guy was within his rights. It does seem like they are putting a spin on it 'all guns are bad' type of mentality. Think the guy who got away will think twice before robbing someone again? I think so.
  2. 0-60 in..? 1/4 mi in..? oil lost per 3000..?
  3. there's nothing wrong with sealing it for the time being. I'd use a strong plastic resin glue, you can find it a HD or better yet, a hobby store. should last till the crack expands more.
  4. The FCP ones are made with poor quality rubber, and have been for years. A while ago I even received some already torn in the package! As soon at the boots tear, dirt gets in and wears the plastic part of the joint right out, creating the play you notice and a rattling sound. No one should ever buy fcp ones again, as it sounds like they aren't interested in quality control of this part!
  5. some of those things at the end are evap-related solenoids.. good luck!
  6. if your compressor hasn't run for a while it could just be that the clutch is stuck, or the relay needs to be replaced.
  7. Just go OEM, I replaced mine recently with aftermarket ones from eeuroparts (APA brand) and they were misformed, unfinished pices of crap.
  8. test the A/C - evap changes are big deals. Also make sure the square hole underneath between the engine and transmission is dry and looks like it always has been. RMSs are a big deal. Check the timing belt labels for changes - they sould be stickered on the cover. Check the CV joint boots for cracks Make sure the flame trap isn't clogged. With the hood up, push up and down on the car and look at the strut mounts - observe excessive motion. On the '95 you can probe all of the engine codes via the box on the front passenger side under the hood. Look for leaks, repairs, straightn
  9. Nice! Wish I had the extra cash, they would look great on my white wagon. Should sell quick.
  10. sweet. and I'm glad to see that all the data wasn't lost this time either! are there backups?