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  1. did you write? i haven't received anything from you greg..
  2. correct. i actually bought this from Andy, in person, out in RI back in 2014. very nice piece!
  3. hey sorry i haven't gotten back sooner... im in CT sir. more than willing to help out in travel though if you're in RI, MA, NY or even NJ it's an early m56 too, with the external slave ear if you wanted to run external slave.. hard to come by those now PM me
  4. they're black. 100% new still in the packaging greg
  5. 1st run from Andy actually... it's pinned atop this section
  6. #1 a fiberglass 850R/V70R bumper lip/spoiler from a group buy on Volvospeed years ago (2014) pinned in this section. it is NEW, unmounted/untouched in it's original wrap and packaging. it's got to be the only survivor from that group buy NOS. #2 a legit '628' computer out of a running 96 850R #3 an ARD stage 3 computer for 18T + white injectors (18-20psi boost) #4 'R' exhaust manifold - can include with turbo for a deal #5 iPd HD compressor bypass valve (brand new w/ directions + red spring) - can include with turbo for a deal #6 POWERFLEX control arm bushings (brand new in box)
  7. wow that driveway is "pegged" out lol
  8. Darn, looks GOOD my man.. how is she running?? probably like it wasn't even swapped huh...
  9. lol and i gotz 2!!! ballerrrrrrrr =)
  10. my 1st P2 looking sad.. on the outside
  11. holy crap dougy i was just looking last week and this is already done?! do you sleep? haha.. im swapping engines/trannies on my P2 when the weather gets nicer and figuring i wouldn't be done for over a month! man, nice work it looks totally factory. i dont think anybody (maybe not even from here) would ever realize this isn't the original. again man, really nice.