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  1. nice job! use good quality aluminium crush washers and you will not have this problem ever.
  2. aw50-42le clutches just cant take 440 torque...i replaced the torque converter and them metal on metal clutches...lolol got tired of that retard valve body cover bung and weld it ... i have not worked out for 15 years...only on my volvos...lmao
  3. forgot to post this here thats on e85 / the new crack.
  4. thanks...heading 40 mph in a left lane and suv was heading same direction about 4 car length ahead of me ... another suv was crossing the road we were on...the suv that was in front of me was turning right where the suv that hit me was pulling out of ...long story short, suv that was turning right blocked the view of the one that was puling out and it ran right in front of me. need to be sorry ,i never fall in love with a car... owned 37 of them and thats the first that got totaled .
  5. yep, thanks man,. it's at the jy tad
  6. it now pushes close to 1400kg's which is going to be 400whp on dyno... which means im pretty much done with this set up.
  7. andy , sound wise...lets just say OMG... more 2.5 inch past the dp restriction thats for sure...boost went up by 5 psi.
  8. babies and gents , a cutout designed gentleman style/ dougy's style, opening at 7 psi hehehehe,
  9. thanks guys, and yes im ok. some more things i listed