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  1. M66 AWD R box for sale in good condition. 1500$ shipped from the EU.
  2. Hi all, I have an 07 V70 AWD with a noisy M58 trans. Does anyone know for sure what bearings I need to replace all of theml? I would like to know it in advance so I can order the bearings by the time I do the job. I have found an old topic with the list of the bearings, that would be really helpful if someone could confirm they are the ones: 32008xm diff bearing 32007x input shaft set4 countershaft set17 countershaft 32005x input shaft set45 diff bearing Unforunately the guy who made this list has not been online since 2019. Thank
  3. Slevin


    About my car&build
  4. Hi mate.

    What kind of hybrid turbo do you have exactly.I have 2.0litre engine as well and i would like to know my facilities.I thinking about 16t or 19t,but I do not know what is the safe maximum power on the 83mm bore blocks?I gonna change the rod to forged ones,I just worry about the wall thickness.


  5. And if I buy 16t?I have red that is enough for 280HP.Were you on dyno with 16t?

    I would not like to take out the engine if is not must.And I live in UK,my car is in Hungary...If the 16T enough for 260-280HP it perfect to me.

    Sorry for lot of questions.

  6. Yep,I understand.

    I did not want to jape,just I did not understand.

    Thanks your help mate.

  7. Hmmm...I see.

    But why need forged rods to me if you had much more power than I will have?

  8. I cannot decide which rods should buy.

    Which do you use?that is sure good,you have so much power.

  9. Thanks for your help.

    I have not deiceded yet which one I choose,16t or 19t.What kind of rods do you use?

  10. Hi!

    Have you changed the whole cylinder head to NA or just the cams?

    I would like to buy NA cams, maybe a complete head.I think you write NA engine's has a little bit bigger valves.That's why I wanna change the whole head.I have a '99 2.0T with B4204T engine.I would like to reach about 260-280HP with 16t or 19t.What do you think,should I change the rod for H beam...

  11. Hi!

    Have you sold your 19t hybrid yet?

    What was wrong with it?

    I do not know what should i buy.16t,18t or 19t.

    I would like to reach about 260-280HP.I have a '99 B4204T 2.0t.I found a big Volvo salvage yard close to me,they have NA cams and maybe I will change the whole head.

    So,could you tell me your experiences with 19t?


  12. Szia!

    Most láttam csak vmelyik topicba,hogy újabb Magyar "tagunk" van.Ãgy már 3an vagyunk.:).Gerbegurgya,Å‘ New Yorkba lakik, én meg Londonban.Halad a motorcsere?KFFel nem lesz bajod?Mik a tervek a turbós motorral?


    1. tandrassy


      Szia !

      Bocsánat, hogy csak most írok, de nem élek valami nagy fórum-életet. Ãprilis végére összeállt a "nagy" motor az autóban, remekül szól, egész nyáron autókáztam vele. 2.0 alapméretű (83mm) blokk, régi hidrótÅ‘kés hengerfejjel és VVT nélküli tengelyekkel. Van benne H profilos hajtókar meg kovácsolt dugattyú is, angliából jöttek. EgyenlÅ‘re sima 1.9 T4 elektronika vezérli. KFF-el mi lenne a baj azon kívűl hogy utálom a bürokratákat ? Inkább a ráérÅ‘s méricskélÅ‘ktÅ‘l félek, m...

    2. Slevin


      Csak most vettem észre,hogy ide is válaszoltál,ezért kérdeztem meg ugyanazokat a messengerben.:)

  13. Hi!

    Could you give me btsam's email address?

    I would like to ask him what kind of wheels does he have?


  14. Whats wrong with him? That did he say his opinion? Obvious,your interest is most important,but I thought it is a forum for polity of Volvo owners.Previous site was perspicuous well,and lot of how to helped the members their complaint with many many good pictures. I'm not too good in English,therefore the orientation is more difficult for me. I have to root a lot while I find that i looked for. Bye,