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  1. I know the s70 seats are plug and play with the 850. I had the SE seats in my 850 years ago. I just wonder if the frames are similar enough to put 850 foams onto x70 seats. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Other things to address are: Crappy 2.5” cat back straight pipe exhaust. Rear passenger window doesn’t roll down. Side mirrors don’t adjust.
  2. This is the seat bottom rise function. So the bottom is like fully sloped back. And it will adjust when I go through the memory presets. Just won’t adjust with the button. And it’s like it on both. Super weird. I feel like I need to find a pair of 850 seats and swap skins and foams.
  3. Picked this up today. I’ll post more pictures when I get a chance. But have a couple questions off the bat since it’s been so long. The front seat bottom tilt doesn’t work with the switch, but going through the memory buttons, the seat bottoms will tilt. It’s like this on both. The seat belt buckles don’t look like 850 ones. Almost looks like someone swapped in x70 ones. I remember putting in x70 seats into my 850 and they worked completely fine. Do the switches go bad frequently? It seems weird it’s the exact same on both front seats.
  4. Can you make the font larger? It's really hard to read. Also, price?
  5. The seat and steering wheel are significantly better. It is truly impressive how gross some people let their cars get. Like the PO was holding that steering wheel every day with it like that. Gross.
  6. I thought the driver seat was disgusting until I looked at the steering wheel. I don't think I would have been able to drive that car without wearing gloves.
  7. My friend and I did the Overcrest Rally last weekend. We were supposed to be in his whiteblock swapped 240, but he broke it, and we ended up taking my e30. About 400 miles over a day and a half. It was an absolute blast.
  8. I finally found cars that are very good at doing what they are trying to do. But next year I'll be adding another car to the club when we're back in our house and the garage becomes my shop.
  9. New wheels for the wagon and generally driving the bmw whenever it’s nice out. I've had the bmw for just a little over 2 years now and the wagon will have been mine for 2 years in December. Crazy.
  10. All done painting and finally driving it.
  11. Ran out of primer. The driver side and roof still need a couple more coats. But, after some trial and error using an HVLP gun, I eventually got the hang of it and am overall happy with the results so far.