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  1. Might be making this the annual thing I do for myself. But getting ready to do 6 days and ~4,000 miles in the e30 in September.
  2. I paid $7,500 for the 850R. The midwest is a p80 desert, especially for R's.
  3. Did this really need its own new thread? Couldn’t you have just updated the thread you started about the car??
  4. Really excited to get the suspension refreshed and some maintenance things taken care of.
  5. Thank you. I got a temporary refund issued by the bank. And I’ve given them pictures and emails. Waiting on someone to do a third party letter giving their opinion of the work done. I agree. I went with red in the first place because the door panels were already that color, but in the end, I don’t miss the red.
  6. That seems to be the general sentiment about them. I don't know if I could personally ever get over the mental block that they look like they would tip over. 😬
  7. I already have the IPD springs. I've had this combo in the past on the S70 T5M and I didn't mind it. If it's too much I'll swap them with something else. The red ones are an SE and the black ones are LXB. But with that said, the SE's are very similar with just the bottom seat bolster being a different shape. Now, what the upholsterer did to the them I have NO idea. When I brought them in, the skins had no rips and were in good shape. All they had to do was take the skins off, trace some new pieces and put them on. How they ended up like this is beyond me. They're terrible.
  8. So, I don't think the motor is bad. This morning when I had the heat on it would blow warm out both sides and then the driver side would gradually get cooler. If I turned the heat temp all the way up (to red) it would start blowing hot. So I wonder if there's something up with the temp sensor by the DS grab handle that is giving the HVAC unit false readings. Something to mess with. My e30 is getting closer to being done so I can start driving it. I have a large list of things to do on the 850: Full front suspension refresh with Koni Srt's and IPD springs all around. New O
  9. Thank you! With the rubber blocks I wouldn't be as worried about it (probably still wouldn't though). You can actually see in the one picture my BMW has reinforcements around the pinch weld that help support it. But I would be so hesitant to lift or support the 850 from the pinch welds.
  10. For what it's worth, I got these instead of the quick jack: You can see how much height is left on the jack stand. It says they have a full height of 24". They are extremely sturdy. I was under the car wrestling the exhaust and transmission and never felt the car wiggle. They're fantastic.
  11. I was really considering one of those, but I'm not sure I'd ever feel confident under one. They look like they could tip really easily.
  12. Can anyone confirm if there are only two of the climate control flap motors? No. 42 in this diagram: I had heat on the PS this morning and ambient air on the DS. First time it's done this. I turned the car off and started it and it was working normal again. So I'm assuming it's a motor going out and not the flap arm breaking. Either way, it looks like it's the same PN motor that does the recirc and control the dual CC. The dash needs to come out eventually to fix broken mounts and to put in a new evaporator.
  13. It does for me, too. I guess I was thinking more in terms of the 99.9% of people that don't do google searches that way and would thought that VS not coming up in searches isn't helping the forum stay alive. I also don't know how the results are generated on a search and why some sites come up and others don't. But it's weird. Volvospeed used to always come up first when I would search volvo related things. Now it doesn't at all.
  14. Are archived topics not searchable on VS? Now that I have the 850 and have been doing more 850 related google searches, Volvospeed rarely ever comes up. When I search on the site, the only hits are typically in the off-topic thread and is unrelated. For exampled, today I was trying to confirm the wires needed for splicing in a trailer harness. VS never came up on google searches. And when I search the forum, nothing comes up. But I'm pretty confident that someone has talked about a trailer harness on here before. Doesn't make sense when the forum is dying and google searches don't
  15. Drove it to work this morning after selling the XC70 this past weekend. First thing I did when I got to work was order a stock catback for it. Other things I noted/need to be replaced and what's up next for it: Boost doesn't seem to build as strong as it should. Ordered a replacement CBV and factory rubber intercooler hoses. I also have all new vac lines for it. Cruise control doesn't work. Front speakers are intermittent. It has some Infiniti speakers, so I'm assuming they're just not plugged in. The green window track things are broken on the rear PS window
  16. Probably a better chance going to Swedespeed and posting there for information on that platform.
  17. Yeah. And no disrespect to the 850s, but after playing with a manual, rwd car, modifying an auto (even manual) fwd is not appealing. It will be a great daily that will be loads of fun, though. I've been casually looking for a while, and yes, you are totally right, finding one that isn't beat or overly modified is very difficult. Update on this one: I got the passenger side seat fixed with a new switch and the driver side seat seems to be completely fine. I am embarrassed to say that I do not think there was anything wrong with the seat (the passenger seat switch was bad
  18. Yeah, that makes sense. Used 850 actuators seem to be hard to come by. It looks like they sell a little replacement motor that goes inside the assembly, but I’m not exactly sure if that controls the rod or something else in the unit. I’ll have to take it out to look at.
  19. Question: The front doors both lock with the key as they should, but the door lock pins do not go up and down and they do not want to move up or down by hand. They feel stuck. Does the door lock actuator mechanism also move the door pin up and down? edit: I forgot how much harder it is to find information on the 850 compared to the e30. But I also got the exhaust tacked together. Added a resonator and muffler. Hopefully this sounds better than the straight pipe.
  20. I've never called the garage a man-cave. I honestly don't really like the term man cave. Although it's messy right now since I'm in the middle of two projects, my vision was always to have it be a place that I can hang out in just as a much of a place that my daughters can hang out in while I'm out there. I want them to be a part of my hobby/cars. Them sitting out there watching cartoons while I worked in there is exactly what the space is meant to do.
  21. That crossed my mind, too. But it's just the two front mounts. The two rear ones are super clean and the body was bright red. The passenger side ones are super clean as well. The passenger underneath is much cleaner than the driver. Whatever. I'll chalk it up to the goofy things associated with an old car. When I was moving stuff to make room for it in the garage my daughters said "Look at this living room in here, can we watch something?!". So, they watched Octonauts while I cleaned. Worked out great. And the upside is I come out to the garage and find little reminders of them being in
  22. Exhaust is out so I can put in a muffler and resonator. Took the driver seat out. Holy balls I forgot how heavy these are. But here’s what I’m talking about with the adjustments. They’re both different. Not sure why someone changed it. This seat is crusty AF. Anyone ever see carpets do this under the seat brackets? Rear bench and shitty dash picture. I’m going to order one of those skin kits for the driver seat. Engine bay is pretty clean. No plans other than getting rid of the red silicone because I
  23. I looked at it more last night, and the tilt function works on the driver side, but its looks like the seat has been adjusted so it doesn’t tilt down flat. I will take that out and adjust it. The passenger side switch doesn’t work at all, but the motor does because if you go through the money settings it will adjust the seat bottom tilt based on the memory setting. So, I’m going to start with a new switch assembly as mine looked kind of crusty. Maybe I’ll get the module too just in case. EDIT: Are the modules specific to driver and passenger? Interior is in really