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  1. Not much to update. Got the alignment done yesterday and shes sitting nice and straight. Mom's in town and leaving this morning so she brought me in to work so I could stop rotating cars back and forth. (Wagon was parked at work so id have 2 cars here everyday until I we got some time this weekend to have my fiancee take me up to work and bring it home). This was the better idea because we have a OB appointment Saturday and this is really the only weekend ill have for the next idk how long to get the bulk of the work needed on the wagon done. Secured a garage with power yes
  2. $48 alignment. Then proceeded to try to tell me how fucked the rear was because he cant align it... lmao bud. Called him out on it, and got told, oh well yeah ok front only is 48.42.
  3. Got her plated this morning. Just took it for its first tank of gas under my ownership. Custom plate should be here in the coming weeks, but for now, endless summer since its already in the mid 90s here and it matches the color. Tossing a UCF plate on the S70 with custom verbiage too since it looks like thats sticking around for a bit as well. Ordered a few parts for it that should be here between now and next week. Picking up load bars and a few other goodies this weekend from a local friend/member. On the hunt for a driver door still, so if anyone finds
  4. Looks like progress will resume shortly. Paperwork came in today while I was at lunch, so after a baby appointment in the morning, im heading to the DMV.
  5. At that price, just make your own. Materials shouldnt run more than $50
  6. Agreed, it boggles my mind on how someone can let their car go like that. Hit a slight snag on the v70 which has kept me from doing much at the moment. Waiting on the lien release paperwork from the bank that the original owner had the vehicle financed through in 2008 to some in. Contacted the bank Tuesday for it, said they would mail it, so hoping "assuming" it should show up this week so I can go down and get it titled/registered. Needed it Saturday for our baby shower, but ended up just bringing 2 cars. I know everything is clear and im just waiting on the p
  7. Thanks! After looking at the photos I just posted, I realized I got the airbag dirty.... so ill be going back over it later with some cleaner haha. I'm pretty impressed with these drill brushes honestly, got the one for carpet in yesterday so im waiting until I pull all the seats out to use it so I can shampoo/steam them at the same time. The misses Kia needs some interior love, so ill likely break out the brushes on her seats when I get the upholstery machine in as well before I go to town on the Volvo. As always, any tips/tricks, upgrades I should l
  8. Done with the driver seat for now. Im having a delima, debating between finding a replacement, or refinishing this one. From what ive seen, to fill the cracks really isnt a whole lot of work, and I have other cars so even if it took longer or a whole weekend for the curing process it wouldnt be an inconvenience. Ok so yesterdays progress and this mornings quick work. Finished scrubbing the driver seat, its so much cleaner now and thats awesome. We'll see if im as "Done" as I say I am with cleaning because id love to really get into all the nooks at some point.
  9. Nice. I was going to suggest shims for the rear pads, but looks like you figured it out.
  10. Following up, bought a drill brush kit. Arrived late yesterday and got to use it real quick today along with some cleaner. UM WOW.... so after just a few minutes, the seat is already a few shades lighter. Brush got to dirty to continue, so went to the break room and cleaned them out. Going to order another white brush, and a couple for the carpet as well because it works so well. Also, Finally looked long enough at the radio to remember. HU-803. Anyone have tips for an aftermarket headunit replacement? Looking for a back up cam.
  11. Sorry for the delay it has been pouring here all day. So I scrubbed the steering wheel this morning for a good 30-40 minutes, then worked on the driver door panel and arm rest. Arm rest was pretty dark as well, I didnt take a photo of it when I just ran out to the car. Heading to the DMV tomorrow to get it registered and plated so we can start using it for baby shower gift hauling this weekend lol. So its Transformation Tuesday riiiiight???
  12. SO LET ME TELL YOU..... See those grey shorts im wearing in yesterdays picture.... I got in the car, slid over, to back it off the tow truck and instantly got black crap all over them from touching the wheel. So this morning, I got to work about an hour early to scrub the hell out of it. Also ordered a bunch of cleaning stuff off Amazon for 9AM delivery (and as of 10 till 10, im still waiting). Once I can get back out there around lunch time, ill take a pic of the current progress, but I went through a few towels trying to get the nasty off.
  13. Tossed a wiper arm on the back, looks like I need to diagnose why it no longer works next. Can hear the motor making noise, but no movement.
  14. ❤️ Will do! I need as many tips, P2 and general clean the fuck out of this thing tips, as possible haha. After im done with the interior (ill likely pull all the seats and clean too), im having someone else come in and do it again haha. Also, ive seen some people use a "filler" for the leather cracks, any idea what this stuff is before I go posting/digging around?
  15. So I purchased a 2004 2.5t V70 over the weekend from a local friend/flvc member. 180k miles. The plan is for it to replace my 2018 S60 since the lease is up in May. This will be a family hauler / road trip vehicle and daily driver for myself. We have a fairly active lifestyle, either on the road a lot or in the outdoors, camping/kayaking/etc. and car shows so a V70 was the ideal solution. So I have a month to get it sorted and the way I want it. New project means fun times! Recent work done prior to purchase. Timing belt & Water pump kit. O