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  1. Thanks to the amazing @gilber33 I can now see things that are not otherwise known. I can also do things I wanted to add for a quarter of the price. Volvo wants $200 for the fog light turn on, + $150 for the auto lock feature. Vdash is only $45 ea. Need to get Vida working but was having issues with it so using VDash for now. Will likely pick up a battery tender, stick it in the garage and crack the CEM at some point next month. Till then, shenanigans.
  2. See if they will bite for $500 vs $700, then you have another $200 to throw into a good detail. Anything is worth restoring as long as you have the time and money. If you end up picking it up, I would definitely start with a pressure washing lol.
  3. Couple updates. Reran the front wiring for easy of access and to set up the quick connects so im not splicing everytime I want to run it through a car wash or even hand wash easier. Cut the wires off, then used an end mill to remove the wiring on the inside of the plugs I want to use as covers for when lights are not installed. Also made "covers" this morning for the roof light wiring, need to loom that wire to protect it from the sun, which ill do this weekend once I figure out where the loom went in the garage...... lol Couple photos of that. Also
  4. Man I did the same thing with the 9k offer and the guy was like, ok I can come pick it up tonight then. I was like O.o ehhhhhhh I think im going to keep it. Hard to let go of that thing when its the reliable one now.
  5. Typically id disagree with a statement like this right now considering the value of older volvos right now, but you hit the nail on the head, this thing needs some love for sure. If it were perfect mechanically, and body parts were easy to find like they were maybe 5 6 years ago, id say its still a little high but not to far off. But yeah.... That's an expensive project.
  6. P80s down here in FL are through the roof. I turned down a solid 9k offer a couple months back even after telling the guy about the flaking roof paint and intermittent dead dash. They're so hard to find right now here and people want them bad. Hell id take a P80 Wagon over my P2 any day.
  7. But yeah, inbox me your email address, it wouldn't hurt to get the newsletters going again.
  8. Facebook page - Public Event Link - Florida Volvo Community Event Link - Looking forward to seeing all the locals and out of staters again at this years Swedish Social! Even with Covid in full swing we still saw well over 130 Swedish Vehicles, Volvo's and Saab's combined during last years event. Let's see how high this year takes us! The Event will be held once again at Ace Cafe Orlando, full bar with breakfast, lunch,
  9. OORRRRR You both can come to the Swedish Social on October 3rd with 200+ other Volvo Enthusiasts. JUST SAYIN.
  10. Nice, what did you pick it up for? Prices on S60R's are allllll over the place. 4-8k seems to be market value. Same with P80s now.
  11. Jesus man, something like this is exactly why ive gone ahead and ordered all new front suspension for the wagon. The rusty shock mounts are sketching me out. I'm glad you're ok, the car seems to have been fairly saved surprisingly.
  12. Picked up some new tail lights at the yard yesterday. Finalized wiring for roof lighting over the weekend, now have front, rear, and sides.
  13. With the heat, have you thought of doing a large front mount inter-cooler? Even a WMI system?
  14. Have you tried posting them in the Florida Volvo Community sales group?
  15. Two Moog end links Detroit Axle control arm kit FCS strut assemblys Now I just need to find the time to actually install this stuff......
  16. I've seen people use the pinch welds before, never understood why but hey some people like to live on the edge.
  17. Keeping the main bitch out of the hail and general crap thata going to roll through around midnight tonight 😅
  18. Not yet, that's either tonight s or tomorrow nights quick mod. I was surprised how bright these were lol, unlocked the car this morning like usual at 5am, went to open the door and was like dam thats bright as hell. It's been a struggle lately with the 4th coming up, first 4th without my dad and we were planning on having a little one so mentally im exhausted, so im trying to push through by doing small projects on the wagon. Ordered a bunch of misc wiring stuff and other little things that will be here tomorrow, need to drill out the sunroof motor cap to fit a voltage gauge and 3
  19. Brighter than anticipated... May go back to stock bulbs lmao. At least in the Dome lights, might leave the LED's in the map lights.
  20. I mean I am totally throwing one on the rear too now just to blind people...... I mean.... use it as a camping light for set up in the dark if needed. Realistically though, im pretty surprised by just how bright this one was, got it on prime day for $30 so did not expect much of anything to come out of it. Combined with those HID spot lights in the front and yeahhhhhh, I dont think im going to have any issues driving on some mountain roads or dark back roads again.
  21. Definitely one of the idea's im playing with. I wanted to just get it mounted and wired up, this weekend ill be playing with different locations, either at the deflector, maybe just under/infront of it, or resting directly above it. For now, its at least wired up, got the quick connects situated for easy removal of either the light itself or the basket and light (which everything will be coming off once lights are set up how I want since there is no need for the basket during the summer lol we're not going to be camping anytime soon), need to get a move on running the switch
  22. Added a roof bar to the basket for upcoming off road/long road trips. Included quick disconnects so I can easily unplug and remove either the light or whole basket from the harness without much hassle. I'm not so sure how I feel about it being up so high, so might adjust its position. Also put a new rear wiper arm on, looks like the PO had rigged the original one to "work" at some point.
  23. Lol still the same. Maybe Chuck finally said fuck it.