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  1. A little while back I got a Kenwood DNR876S head unit. Pretty sweet little touchscreen setup with integral Garmin GPS and CarPlay / Android Auto, plus the usual mix of radio, usb, aux input, etc. No CD/DVD player though. Pictured is wireless CarPlay with navigation and streaming audio (no USB connection needed). Plus it pairs up automatically when I get in the car. Definitely nice to get some more capable and modern ICE for daily driver duties then the single-DIN that came in the car.
  2. Sorry, I didn’t see that I got a PM. I’ll take a look when I’m not on my phone since I can’t figure out how to access PMs on the mobile version of the site. I guess I’m getting old... It’ll be easiest if you use the 01 harness, rather than going through the effort of removing the automatic transmission wiring from the 04 harness. You have to use the 01 ECM since it is VIN-mated to the chassis and can’t be easily swapped like the earlier M4.3/M4.4 ECUs. There might be some minor differences in the connectors that get used in the 04 cam / crank sensors, and VVT solenoid. You can swa
  3. Is your 01 a C70 or S60/V70? The 01/04 motors should interchange pretty seamlessly. Both 01 and 04 run ME7 so you’re good on the ECU side. I’d suspect that most of differences in the wiring harness you’re seeing are due to the added wiring for the automatic vs the manual transmission. When I swapped an 04 T9 into my 00 V70 R, I noticed that Volvo switched the types of connectors for the cam/crank sensors, and the VVT solenoid. Any chance you have some photos of the stuff you’re seeing? It’s been a couple years since I did that swap on my wagon and I don’t have the cleare
  4. Nice work to get the seat and steering wheel cleaned up!
  5. Putting the turbo parts on the non turbo engine won’t easily work. You’ll have to do a bunch of custom work to get it running properly. It’ll be easier to find a replacement turbo engine.
  6. EDIT: Fixed. Thanks Daren! The C70 subframe (with aluminum bushings) has the awd-style transmission mount and does use the 4 bolt control arms like the awd models. So it would fit without modification. With the M66, the 4 bolt control arm on the drivers side is harder to access. I wanted to get away from the 4 bolt arms, so I started with a FWD subframe to use the 2 bolt control arm setup, then had the AWD transmission mount bracket welded on. The C70 subframe with brace fits AWD models, Daren @quiksilver has one on his car.
  7. Installed a set of Kaplhenke Racing delrin bushings in my subframe
  8. Thanks Mike! Do it! Can’t wait to see yours back on the road again Thanks!! That’s awesome, great use of your FLIR. Thanks for sharing that thread! I definitely plan to explore further into the temperatures of different engine bay components.
  9. Thanks you guys, appreciate it!
  10. Although this thing annoys me sometimes, it does clean up pretty nicely. I finally got around to editing some photos from this fall and wanted to share them since I think they do a great job of showing the how incredible this paint color is during golden hour.
  11. Replaced the faulty coolant temp sensor, cabin air filter, then washed it and enjoyed driving around on a nice warm spring day.
  12. A comparison between FWD and AWD is tough because the suspension is completely different. This means there’s no point in comparing the two spring rates. You want to compare how that spring rate gets applied to the wheels. So without knowing the motion ratio of each suspension setup, you can’t evenly compare the wheel rate. In this particular case, the awd IRS locates the spring further away from the wheel hub than the fwd delta link suspension. That increased distance means there’s a longer lever arm acting on the spring, so the awd spring needs to be stiffer to resist the wheel move
  13. Got a FLIR One as a birthday present from my fiancé and obviously I had to try it out on my car: Turbo + downpipe: These were taken after the car had been sitting for about 15 minutes after I got home.
  14. You always find the coolest cars Gary, excited to see your progress on this one!! I think a set of the OZ Ultraleggeras like your red T5M would be pretty sweet and show of the BBK nicely
  15. What are you looking to get for those calipers Gary? Here are pads for the GT2 calipers: If you can measure the piston sizes, they have replacement dust boots and pressure seals