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  1. thats what i thought, so, what are you welding?
  2. wow, that looks awesome. are you welding everything instead of using the couplers?
  3. sweet. when does this process begin?
  4. contact the ticket office and see what they say. the folks here in AR are nice and try to help you out. Good luck. I always try to pay the ticket before hand if they will keep the ticket off of my driving record.
  5. aluminum bends for the intake or the piping?
  6. hhhmmmm, maybe i will put some stuff on here instead of ebay. we'll see what happens. good contest tho.
  7. wow, i would think, as as one of the foremost tuners for Volvos, you would want to fix this issue quickly and without any bad press. But on the other hand, i would also want the folks on VS to know our side of the story (beacuse VS is the know all/end all for Volvo performance). They could at least be trying to contact Matt and say that they are looking into options for him. Not just take his $16k and say "See You, man. Good luck with it." I wonder how many customers they have that drop that kind of money with them on a regular basis? Good luck, Matt. keep us posted. Matt - sign up buddy. Membership is free.
  8. stupid Porsche's. have fun with the tripod tonight, post the pics up.
  9. i was hoping i would get to see some progress on this build. good job and the manifold looks good.
  10. they have probably sealed or what ever you do to the top of the block that eliminates the cylinder movement at high RPMs.
  11. wow, that sucks for that guy. i wish we had more info on what happened before this happened. This just proves the point about a great tune.
  12. :closedeyes: waiting patiently for updates.
  13. ditto. i can't wait to see this monster. this build is aawesome. thanks for the update. this tops off and already good day for me.
  14. sweet! less posting, more part installing! j/k. man, i can't wait for this to be done. good luck and good job.