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  1. So my friend showed me my old 244 parked at my old house on google maps!!! God I miss that thing so much. Even has the flathood on at that point!!
  2. I would never want to own an S60, no hard feelings Jackson, I just hate them in most every way. I would purposely run one into the ground.
  3. We replaced the carrier bearing when we bought the car, that along with ujoints... This problem WILL happen again since the car already had rear end problems, it tends to bounce real bad while accelerating, and always has done the same.
  4. Well I got the car towed today, looked under it and it seems my connector bearing failed on the driveshaft and ripped it up pretty good, its repairable but I'm not sure of the long term effects on the diff and trans.
  5. My car half exploded last night.... Bye bye Trans/driveline/rear end.
  6. Eyy, If you guys feel like a drink tonight, stop by Lot 3 in Bellevue, I'll be getting shitfaced all night for my 21st.
  7. Heres a very bad image of the new car, just showing off my GT lip and freshly lowered front end.
  8. Yup Literally while you guys were hanging out 5 miles from me, I was selling my C70 to some Russian guy. I will post pics once its all cleaned up, but at the moment shes getting some work done to her.
  9. God damn, its been like months since I've posted anything in here, WHAT UP VOLVOSPEEDERS?! Guess its time to announce that I got myself an 81' 242 as well.
  10. How its going to be sitting once college season starts.
  11. Anyone have spare exhaust parts, I just need 2.25 up to 3 inch piping for my DIY exhaust. need about 5ft worth? or from the Cat or Rear muffler back. I might be willing to trade a set of front Billy HD's for a catback, hit me up!
  12. Oh and yes of course, how my car sits....
  13. Honestly the V70R bumpers are not that good looking on C70's, its just too boxy and narrow for the rest of the car.
  14. I clobbered my bumper yesterday, the new paint looks like poo now.
  15. Just cut 3 dude, get that stuff LOWWWW.