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  1. I think by now we should all accept that Hussiens threads include his current car plus the X1/9.
  2. Yep I got about 30.5mm as well and I was plan on doing the same. Hoping CJs brackets work with them, other wise I've got to make some.
  3. When you're talk about shaving off the stubs so they fit the S60R front rotors are you referring to the stubs in the red boxes? I've got a pair (996.351.425 & 996.351.426) i need to do the same thing to.
  4. You could always ceramic coat the downpipe/exhaust and then wrap it to prevent rust issues.
  5. Cant stop laughing at this. Ramsays regular masterchef dubbed over from the masterchef junior. some many f* bombs
  6. The factory is capable of 500k cars per year, which is their goal by the end of the decade.
  7. Well if you read the rules for the tax incentive on the IRS website is is 200k sales in the US. "The new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer have been sold for use in the United States (determined on a cumulative basis for sales after December 31, 2009) (“phase-out period”)" Quote Link. To date Tesla has sold only about 73K cars in the US for all models (n
  8. With the new bumper installed, it's probably the cleanest its looked in the 6 years I've owned it.
  9. Installed the new r bumper and tomcat splitter. Looking really good for the first time in 6yrs of owning it, before it looked pretty bad. before
  10. Final got a new 15" macbook pro after 8 long years with my old MBP.
  11. Must of just been my computer at work, it's fine at home
  12. Not sure if it's just me, but the images aren't working on Aaron's post on 4/28.