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  1. Ive always like how my friend can tune his subaru with freeware software and i learned a lot from it, Deff keeping a eye on this and play around with my car with it, Deff good work man, High respect!!!!!
  2. Got my R clutch installed and Tranny and engine mated back together
  3. I might be able to help on the door, yard close by has a red door. Shipping is going to be costly

  4. Finally got myself a decent boost gauge, AEM wideband is on it's way B)
  5. 3 round of good washing, coat of wax, condition the leather, vacuumed the inside out, cleaned windows and a new black ice air freshener she is so shiny can see the clouds and moon reflection hahahahahaha. Did find over like 6-7 dollars worth of quarters and dimes also hahaha and my lost cigg pack
  6. Pulled and replaced plugs, broke a plug wire so waiting on new ones tomorrow, Pulled MAF off and sat on my bench at the garage and just starred at her because cant drive her:(