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  1. I’m so glad you ended up with that. That car had been listed on Autotrader for months. No images, very little information, but it was listed as a T5 with a manual. I believe the car was discussed in the Swedespeed Unaffiliated Craigslist thread a while back, but nobody ever had much luck getting any concrete information, and it sounds as if it took you some time to hear back from the seller. I *love* that some random Autotrader ad had such a hidden gem. A low-mileage, somewhat significant, and rare t5m with all the goodies was just floating out there for months and months. Have fun wit
  2. Not sure if you’re referring to me or BMAC, but I got the recommendation to increase the rear spring rate from myself... I wasn’t happy with the 450# springs that were included with the Kaplhenke coilover kit so I bought a set of 650# springs that Taras (5x108heavyweight, RusheR) had from his old wagon build. The 650’s effectively eliminated the squat on acceleration and the general weak-rear suspension from the original 450# springs.
  3. Good giggity Andy, looks purdy
  4. Fixed it. Take a different road next time. 😂
  5. Thing sounds angry, glad it’s hookin’ up! Turn it up and hold on for dear life! 😂
  6. It sure doesn’t seem like that awd is functioning properly... I don’t launch my car like that, and I don’t make near the power you do, but when I stand on it in second gear all four tires light up and then it grabs. There is virtually no lag from when the fronts start to slip before the viscous engages and all four spin.
  7. I can attest to the audible burble factor of a Japanifold. I’ve not ran one on my own car, but heard a before and after on a friends car and it was obvious. Might as well see, and then when you’re ready make the jump to a tubular manifold 🤔
  8. Were you running R mani before? Is the japanifold flow improvement a thing? I remember this topic from years back but wasn’t sure if anyone ever saw real improvements? Have you dyno’d your car?
  9. That video is like the car guy equivalent of blue balls. I just wanted to see that throttle released... all over the track’s chin. Had to have been fun. Any more footage?
  10. Your car is immaculate, really sharp! Looks like a nice turnout, too.
  11. What’s the consensus, Nanny or Mom depicted in photo? I’m leaning nanny, as my wife did not bounce back like that when kids were still in play pen stage. (Sorry Jane)
  12. That’s just nuts, so stoked for you! There’s so much room to go on your setup, can’t wait to see you turn the wick up, big(ger) numbers to come for sure! Awesome work!
  13. That’s my new screensaver at work. 😉 Hahaha, what a hoot this car is, good grief! I’ve had some runs, all successful so far 😂 Last weekend I checked a big box: CTS-V wagon, 6 speed. He jumped (no honk, no count, he just went WOT), I grabbed 2nd from 35-ish and grabbed on to his pull about 1-2 cars back. I was even at top of 3rd gear, and 4th gear put him in my mirror before Mexico speeds got too high. Very cool guy, we stopped and talked. He was stock, but very rare 6 speed manual. He was complementary of the Saff, prompting me to ask him if he would consider trading, 😂... I