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  1. Dude yes! So many sign relocations, as well as some flags for the shop and the front door of my apt
  2. Sweet Venetian Andy! Wish I could have made it to Carlisle this year, next year I'll be able to see you with all your stuff swapped over!
  4. Sent you a PM regarding an o-ring Greg. Just wanted to clarify something.
  5. Thanks Matt. I just need a 250V 4A internal amp fuse. Tried amazon before on other fuses and didn't get the correct ones, the diameter was way off (they were tiny) so not sure how to discern the difference.
  6. Where do you guys purchase fuses online? Radioshack apparently is completely out of business so yea.
  7. Got any black 850 body parts in that corner?
  8. Doing my best. Gotta practice beer drinking too. Gimme yo contacts!
  9. So excited for a meet here Val. Good luck with everything! Love the place and look forward to seeing updates here.
  10. Wicked Andy. I thought you had Porsche's up front?
  11. Sell to me. Or better yet, get me a frame since you seem to get killer deals every week.
  12. Rode 25 the other day. First ride since knee issues. Felt great. And returned some parts at Volvo of Lisle, woohoo.
  13. Whoop, opened it up, found one of three of the 4A internal fuses close to the power supply was blown. Nice. Radio Shack it is and see if it works again.
  14. Figured I would post here before joining audiokarma or an audophile forum, although I still might. I have had a Harman Kardon 330c for a few years now and it has performed beautifully got it for $25 at an estate sale and has really warm sound and I love using it with my records. Issue, I had a roommate who had a party about a month ago and I was at work and while I was there, they used my receiver with an aux cord for music, no worries. Done this 100 times, except this time someone turned it way to high up and blew something within the receiver. I believe this to be the case because
  15. I would not know the answer to that question sorry... Yes that's them. It would make sense though with the physical strains being put on the AWD system that upgrading that could in turn put more stress on things that weren't meant to be stressed. Best to ask Andy or H I would say. I know Andy has it and I thought H had it before the XR demise.
  16. Could get that upgraded one, and never have to worry about it again. Forget who is manufacturing it though.
  17. I have a 98 Coral AWD but due to other circumstances with my parents 99 XC70 I have been letting them borrow it for some time now... so a daily would definitely rectify this whole situation. I hope so. That entire side of the engine has new seals. Cams, crank, oil pump. Thanks man! I won't I'm just voicing my frustration instead of keeping it bottled up cause then I'd give myself a hernia. Thanks for the offer though, I'd take you up on it if you were closer lol
  18. So this happened about 3 weeks ago. Resulted in this. Intake cam seal was flopping around outside of the head behind the cam so obviously that is where all the oil came from. Managed to pop it back in with a screwdriver but I have free towing within 30 miles, so better safe than sorry and got it towed back to my parents house. 3 weeks of waiting on parts and free-time, I got to work. Long arduous process, mostly me being super paranoid I was gonna monkey up the timing and bend my valves. But all seemed good after lining things up. It isn't too terrible in
  19. Just got the new Ryobi Impact. Thing is light and has tons of torque. Made quick work of the harmonic balancer bolt and rips lugs off. Have no idea why I waited this long and why I've been using a tire iron to take off lugs.