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  1. Whats up Mikey! May be I did miss tons of bad stories about bad dealings in FS, but VS is the only internet board that help buy/sell parts for 850/x70 models. Yep, still have my E and installing new mods these days, Volvo performance parts are SOO cheap comparing to AMG :)
  2. I don't. It was working fine for many years, and now Charles invented a new wheel.
  3. Yeah, I am dumb with pictures. Iphone is my camera for now :)
  4. Just finished putting my wheels on my other car. HRE 547 19's
  5. totally. I drove for two weeks without problem.
  6. shit, never drink a vodka with juice, it kills your perception of being drunk!!!I thought that I am sober, but I am fear that I drunk as skunk
  7. +1. Why bother to put that kind of oil into the car?
  8. Damn it Serj, it is my b-day today and I gave it a try for Kettle vodka, dude, are you kidding me? That vodka got the worst taste eveeer! I was about to puke right after I took a shot. Even Svedka is better.. and btw, congrats to me by turning 1/4 century old!
  9. Front: 19x8.5 with 255/35-19 tires Rear: 19x9.5 with 285/30-19 tires.
  10. now that is lol! Crap, I feeling like shit with bad hangover, even 6 pack of Yuengling doesn't help my head to stop spinning.
  11. a lot of vodka, long islands.. even stonewall Ilya is drunk like a skunk.. fuck. never mix tequila with long island ice teas