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  1. Excellent work! You're inspiring me to do this to mine... I would suggest using good old rustoleum oil base silver on that pitted subframe. A couple of thick coats with a foam brush will do the trick. I'm not a fan of por15 (cost Vs performance rustoleum wins). Beautiful build!
  2. DDM

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Beautiful Venetian Andy! I look forward to seeing this project unfold... Dan
  3. Yep I've used extractors, vacuums, brushes, removed covers and cleaned them in a sink. The washcloth does as good a job as any and is simple and relatively easy.
  4. Looks good! That passenger alcantara can likely be cleaned up with a white cotton wash cloth, small pail of warm water with some dawn dish soap. Scrub the alcantara with the damp washcloth. Work on the entire seat and dunk and ring out the cloth. Blot and wipe dry with fresh paper towels; repeat until the paper towels are clean. Alcantara is an amazing man made synthetic that readily cleans up. Run a fan overnight or park in the sun with windows down to dry. Feel free to call me if I can help.
  5. Will do! I'll be in touch and we can figure out a date, thanks!
  6. You do good work! Really like what you've done; I need to stop down and get some timing pointers, lol!
  7. I had the dreaded drone from my obx exhaust so when I built the wagon I did this to it over the entire floor front to back it helped quite a bit, particularly the spare tire area. I tried it there first and that quiets things down noticeably. Used Peal N seal from Lowes. About $75 for the entire wagon floor.
  8. For sound deadening try peal-n-seal from lowes. Whole floor front to back with 3 rolls.
  9. H many parts will "live on" from the xr... Great seeing you and meeting your wife Friday before last. Dan
  10. Since you have the interior out there's an opportunity to install a fuel pump access hatch and also add sound deadener. I highly recommend using "peal-n-seal" a roofing product. I used 3 rolls and the car is noticeably quieter. I also have quite a few parts; you need anything I'll pm you my contact info.
  11. Beautiful car and excellent craftsmanship! Where in Indiana are you at? I'm in Kalamazoo. Dan
  12. Amazing work! Your skills and abilities are inspiring, and your ability to present your work so we can learn from it is equally impressive! Thank you! Dan