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  1. If load is just theoretical injector opening time to stoich, bigger injectors would lower it?
  2. Are you sure injectors have effect on load? I have not noticed this with different injectors and injector constant.
  3. If you divide MAF table you are injectin less fuel because ECU thinks there is less air. So you you have to multiply injector constant to get same afr and LTFT. And Yes this method works on my setup. Load does not max and afr stays stable on different boost pressures. But if you have to alter lower part of the table to get decent starting and idle fueling, I am not sure this works on you..
  4. You could try to scale smaller maf and injectors. Divide maf table for example 1.2 and multiply injector constant 1.2. Then your artificial max load would be 14.69.
  5. lookforjoe, how about rescaling whole maf table and injector constant accordingly. Then just rescale your load axis. That makes things more linear.
  6. So you dont have limiter? It seems max value is 255kmh.
  7. I am installing ostrich with 28pin cable and 28/plcc32 adapter. Someone mentioned 1,12,17,26 are not used in interface. Can this be confirmed? Should it work with 28pin cable?
  8. Has anyone played with accel enrichment tables? I think I could use little more enrichment. AFR dips little lean first then rich.
  9. Yes there is two tables But still it doesnt match logged. IE my log show STFT goes 0 at over 6.2ms and my tables are set at 5.5ms in that RPM. Upper bank table shows different RPMs too..
  10. Has anyone noticed Load threshold lambda control doesnt work as expected. RPM axis not right?
  11. Yes easier tuning may be true. Alltough you are rarely hitting past 5000rpm with part throttle. I think 960 maf is suitable for TD04 sized turbos.
  12. Is maf maxing such a bad thing? I max my 960 maf about 4800rpm and I have to tune lower cells in the maps but is there really any gains when moving to bigger one? I am running stock maf table and adjusted injector constant to account bigger maf. Load axis is rescaled also. This way internal load doesnt max.
  13. I think 18T cannot flow much more than 14psi at redline.