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  1. welcome to the club... my CF is kinda fucked after the years i've had it
  2. i had bronze calipers when my wheels were gun metal
  3. bastard! haha jk. nice car man
  4. k i'll trade you and give you some cash
  5. hes the ipd whore... im the est pimp
  6. damn man... i hit something a long time ago and the front wheel looked like your rear... i just replaced the strut and control arm and it was all good... hope it is as easy for you as it was for me
  7. damn... wish my car was in tip top shape to be there.... looks like a good time and pras im loving your wagon@!
  8. its sad that danny is lower cant wait to get a 240 too
  9. not a big fan a tint. but think if would go well on that car! looks great man
  10. yea your sister is a real bitch