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  1. It would be nice to be notified of these things, for the ones that don't use social media. You should have a mailing list, I'm old I like getting mail. No but really a email list would be awesome
  2. Why dont you make a trip over hear to the east coast and we can go on a junkyard date? I need some parts for the 90. LKQ shows the inventory in Lauderdale and West palm online so you can check it out before you come.
  3. Hey @gmsgltr you see this one? If I find one Ill grab it for you
  4. Yeah it was Reid, well I appreciate the leg work anyway. Ill just have to Junk Yard one this winter.
  5. Wasn't it Drew that was rebuilding or selling p2 lock actuator rebuild kits? I need one for the XC90 passenger front door. The wife pulled the handle while it was unlocking and now it won't lock fully. Have to push it down the last 14inch for the lock to engage. Any lead or drews info it greatly appreciated
  6. Oh we so need to keep this going LMAO... Time to hunt photos while im on my Q3 status call tomorrow
  7. Ok so I bought a set of keys for my OEM load bars for the XC90... How do these things go in? Do I have to drill out the plastic from the cover to fit the lock? The lock still looks longer than the piece that came out of it (the black pin thing) Im lost LOL
  8. Damn it, I wish I could. im in Cleveland this week at Progressive doing out monthly project drill down. wont be home till Saturday afternoon Not bad, work is rough taking all the work I can but other than that living the life LOL cool Ill box them up this afternoon and get you shipping stuffs
  9. Hey there you sexy beast. how the hell are you?
  10. Wasn't somebody using turbo housings for like planters or something? I want to say @gmsgltr's wife? I found like 4 in the garage do you still need them?
  11. Sup you sexy beast. When you coming down this way?
  12. Yeah I had to do the same with the s60R cluster into the XC90 with the cutting and stuff. You just soldered to the wire on the bulb correct? Hows everything BTW, since I dont have a Facebook I never get to BS with you anymore LOL... Hows Derek?
  13. @Ghost Shadow @T5power or anyone else who may know I need your stereo wiring and xc90 wiring expertise. I installed s60r faces and outer bezel in my 09 xc90. I need to find a wire or a way too hook up the leds in the top of the cluster so I can see my speed at night as well as dim them. Corey I tagged you because didnt you do this in your s80?