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  1. You were at PC richards leaving with what looked like an appliance. Silver v70 t5 that had an exhaust. You followed me onto the highway and we stayed next to each other for awhile. I was in the olive s70.
  2. I was driving down route 44 around 1030 this morning not really paying attention. I saw your car just as you went past me on the opposite side of the road. It looked like you waved to me and I quickly tried to wave back. You had roof racks but I can't recall the color of your car. I was in the olive s70
  3. I have no words to describe the amount of confusion my mind is feeling right now....
  4. I zip-tied one end of the muffler back up. The rubber piece that held it up let go. Gonna order some new ones soon, Also my A pillar gauge cluster came so I spent a few minutes trying do figure out how I am going to run my vac line from the boost gauge to the outside of the car..
  5. Decided it was time to replace the orignal before I start upgrading stuff.
  6. But GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYSSSS!!!!!! I want performance stem caps! It adds horsepower! I want I want I want!
  7. THIS is why we can't have nice things.....