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  1. I have had this same issue and fried a Cyl 2 coilpack when flashing the very first time I installed COP. In my case this was due to a 10k SMD resistor on the B10 line missing from old outdated instructions I have used, without those instructions mentioning to disconnect the coilpacks during flashing. That is to say, I believe the new instructions simply say not to flash with the coilpacks connected, but on my ECU it was fixed by adding that 10k resistor on the B10 line - it mitigates the 5v output to Cyl 2 during flashing. Unfortunately, and even when looking through my backups, I ha
  2. Do you prefer the OEM rubber control arm bushings over well-lubricated poly inserts? Which one gave the better handling, in your opinion?
  3. Then indeed the bin itself may be broken and not use your table correctly.
  4. Your mod should flip around the requested point, yes. If you use the default formula for AFR in your ADX (which is, i believe, the flat 0-5 = 10-20 AFR, linear) you should see it flip exactly around the internally logged requested AFR regardless of what your AFR gauge shows. Log both, and verify. If they match, the mod is working as intended and your Gauge/ECU mismatch stems from either a voltage offset or a hardcoded input calibration mismatch. If you use AEM X-series Uego and use the default bins, then for sure you have the wrong input calibration. Edit// It's not quite clear to me, wha
  5. From what I could deduce, the wideband mod is more of a hack that uses existing narrow-band control. So the control-mechanism is identical to the original narrowband idle control, just with tighter thresholds. It does not seem to be classic PID in that sense. Original narrowband control only knows about "rich" or "lean". A narrowband O2 gives "lean" at 15-ish, and "rich" below 14.4-ish. Between that, it's black-box, and the control system has been designed with that in mind. All fuel adjustments are made with the STFT. The STFT is the control mechanism. Switching rich to lean, the ECU kno
  6. When live data-logging in TunerPro, I assume you adjusted the formula for the wideband to match your AEM. This is why in the datalog, you will see the same values as the gauge. However, this formula does not change anything in the BIN, so it will use the original hard-coded venderbroeck calibration. Internally, the ECU does not even convert to AFR. It just gets a voltage, and will target whatever voltage the ECU deems to be 14.7. So if 14.7 on the original calibration was 2.35v, but the new AFR gauge is 14.2 AFR at 2.35v, the ECU will still target 2.35v and hence 14.2 AFR. Regarding
  7. Ostrich completely replaces the ROM chip and is just a ROM emulator afaik, and has capability of live tuning. That would suggest that M4.4 constantly uses flash-rom to get values.
  8. Ah, that helps a lot, I can definitely work with that! I assumed "Ki" was the value in the injector constant field, didn't know it was a lot more intricate. Reverse-engineering it based on logs indeed seems the way to go. Thanks a lot! I'll get on that and will probably deliver ported maps for Megasquirt soon
  9. Been a while - do we know the exact way the ECU calculates load? The formula found in the m4.4 datasheet (Q/(n*Ki), with Q = MAF in kg/hr, n=RPM and Ki=injector constant) doesn't seem to be quite right. I can't reproduce logged values of load from logged parameters and injector constant. Missing a factor 26-27 with a random +- 1 component when just putting that in, so which parameters does the ECU use exactly, and in which units, if anyone knows?
  10. You removed the water cooling from a GT3071R?
  11. Bumping this one, summer is around the corner so I'm going to be running into this 'issue' again. 😄
  12. Question regarding the current state of A/C; have any additional maps pertaining to corrections on fueling/ignition/anything engine related when switching A/C been found in the past years? Ever since I switched to M4.4 (Piet's AC mod) from my M4.3 car, my engine will show weird idling behavior as long as the A/C is on. More precisely, with A/C on, as long as I'm still rolling, but with the clutch depressed, the engine will drop down to 2000RPM exactly and idle there. Only after i've come to a complete stop, the RPM's will drop to normal ~900rpm idle after a second or so. Or i'd have to fo
  13. Cool, I'll message you shortly to see if we can figure something out.
  14. Question to the experienced coders here; would it be possible to add a per-cylinder correction factor on the injector constant? Just a percentage-based multiplication, say 10, maybe 20% either way to keep some resolution in fine-tuning. I've got my per-cylinder EGT set-up now and I think I should be able to compensate with individual injector trims, since they all do differ slightly. I started coding and started with the obligatory C (which is coming along nicely), though reverse-engineering in assembly isn't at a level that would provide any meaningful results yet.
  15. There's also a temp sensor in the air intake ducting behind the glove-box, next to the fan resistor. I'd assume that's what ECC uses for intake-air temp figures.
  16. I mean the emissions-related addons Volvo put on the car, such as the EVAP system that purges excess gas tank fumes. They're not required for operation of the engine, but did you just block them off entirely? Edit; nvm, i see you're planning to but haven't actually put it on an 850 yet. Actually that''s the only additional system that comes to mind - nobody runs SAS or EGR on these cars.
  17. @German850R what aftermarket solution are you using, and how are you dealing with integration of other engine-related systems like the climate control/AC/emissions?
  18. Well yes, if you put them straight after each other, which is a silly thing to do. In car the air-box was in-between since one of them was driving the ECU, on the bench an amply long piece of large-diameter tubing was used between the sensors. Results were pretty consistent, with sensors swapped as well. On average this data show's 1.94-ish so I see where you're coming from, it's just not a straight factor across the range and especially not on low flow-speeds, I suspect from alinear off-axis effects.
  19. I use the 540i housing too, and I can see where @Tightmopedman9 is coming from. Here's an early datalog of the conversion factor I made a while back when switching myself and observing some erratic behavior. Done in-car with 1000+Hz datalogger, both sensors in-line. (Flow runs til "350kg/hr" on the new housing or ~700 actual KG/hr in this particular set) After some more measuring and touch-ups I made a custom conversion table for my personal setup between both housings.
  20. Good to know people are still working and progressing on this :)