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  1. same here i use obd scan tech, connecting is only possible too all ecus on the car when you use a modified bin when the engine runs! and i am running siemens dekas 630 @ 4 bar, they run just fine, if somebody need dead times and constant please pm me
  2. Hey razorx i think is agreat thing, a wide Band Lambda Regulation but i dont understand 100% how this can be done with wich Hardware can i use a innovate lc-2 i can programm one of the outputs of the Controller as narrowband Signal! and then go into the m4.4 ecu regards Zeno
  3. Hello, i want too convert my s70 t5 too coil on plug, i have a 960 ecu here, they already have the resistors on the board... converted too ostrich! when the bin with the modified code comes out too run cop?? please can send me someone! i think is a good thing too make the volvo better the original system is more then bad, i am on 580hp now and need something better! the distributor system is so sensitive about knock... regards Zeno
  4. Tightmopedman wow very good work! we should donate some car for you! i can test for you, i have a 960 ECU here already convertet too an ostrich! regards Zeno
  5. Simply Volvo please share i would test on my setup and make a video regards
  6. Hello Guys, i have a Problem now, i converted a 850r Automatic 0261204134 too m4.4 ecu 0261204457 i flashed a 607 bin but for now i always get EFI - 335 and P1618 error codes do you think the m4.4 Manual ecu dont work 0261204457 ?? regards
  7. here some useful Tool Volvo Fcr 1.7.6 with live Data, several parameters http://www.share-online.biz/dl/G05U6Z3NQMB now i can say the AC Sensor nearly the Ecu is a Sensor!! we should make a adx file with this parameters also
  8. Hello, what do you think guys, it is possible too log the Pressure of the AC System in TunerPro?? the sensor goes directly into the ECU! on Pin 29 9 and 28 Ground so i have some Problem with my AC System...
  9. Hello Piet, do you work more on your Signal distrubutor for Pin B11 too run Coil on Plugs?
  10. rkam do you think is possible too find the right ignition bits in the 608 bin and use the 608 bin on the 960 ecu? so i think you dont need anything too solder, for use with the newer coils with integrated drivers... if they need any pictures, or tracing the pins, please tell me, i have 6cyl ecus and 5cyl ecus here
  11. i converting a 960 ecu for Ostrich, ready for testing with the coil on plug outputs somebody need the original bin file from the 960 m4.4 ecu without immobilizer 261203655 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgc7xsdxfqc02lh/960%200261203655.bin if there something for testing i can do it, here my megasquirt 2 m4.4 ecu great toy
  12. Hello lookforjoe, where do you get the COP Module? thats great
  13. Hello Simply, i get the 960Maf working on my friends 850, we built a complete 3'' inlet for the 960 Maf, the car runs the best now on the stock 960 Maf Table the fuel trims are good around 2-5% thats ok the mafs are very sensitive when the pipe behind is smaller... 960 maf on stock inlet dont work without scaling the table! about the 3,5 Maf i will doo soon on my s70 and will report, i hope you get the lounch control with ign cut too working:-) now my 630 dekas are on 90% too small for e85 regards Zeno
  14. Hello, the Engine has LG Speed Rods, a Completle Head Work,a R Manifold, 3'' Exhaust too the Midle of the Car then Simons 2,5'', 960 Throttle, 960 Maf in this Video, 3'' Intake Pipe, 2,5'' reversed Piping, the Turbo is a China Clone:-), 630ccm Dekas, Walbro Pump, Stock Intercooler now, Power? i dont dynod the car with this setup