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  1. Dude seems like a missionary position only for the sake of procreation kind of guy. Story isnt about a peeping tom by the way. Yes a volvo plastered with manga is such a hill billy stereotype i know. I mean hell im sure all red necks will identify with it completely. My kids see real breasts daily anyway as my daughter is still breast fed and my son was breast fed as well so... im pretty sure a drawing of cleavage isnt going to damage anyone.
  2. Where are you? so i can park next to you after i get the tail gate done.
  3. What naked women? Must be rough on museum trips...
  4. Yeah im sure a single board and bimding And boots isnt stuff to some people but I dont have much pal. When someone takes your stuff sells it and uses the money to buy drugs yes you would feel like wahhh too.
  5. Holy stuff man... So I was at work today and my girlfriend texts me saying my dad came and took one of my snowboards for my sister to use today I was like yeah thats fine. No problem right? Wrong my sisters too small for it and im 99% sure he sold it on me with the reasoning that I hadnt used it in years. It was at my grandmothers in storage and was still there I thought until I moved here and found out my uncle put it here when hemoved in there.sure I have another board but the bindings are toast and that board had been used like 10 times ever. Im pretty sure I have the shittiest parents eve
  6. At this rate im going to have to take the job. My kids been sick all week my girlfriend cant take time off from her work as 3 people are on vacation and one quit. Guess ill talk to her dad today about it. Three days off this weekso far. Pay checks gonna suck.
  7. I'm going to sit down and talk with her father more about this and get some solid numbers and I'll most likely go to work for him. Changing jobs this much in a year just feels wrong to me thats all, it would be the 5th job I left in the last year. For 6 years before that i worked for the same company. I just want to be sure the next job is going to be the last job change for a long time.
  8. Just got a job offer from my girlfriends dad to come on as an aprentice electrician... also got offered a job as an assistant manager for the detailing company im working for currently. I have no clue which is going to be better to go for. I have got about a week to make decision.
  9. Nah jon just thought i would toss a smart remark aimed at people who told me i should trust lucky and not attempt to self tune at all. Dont get all butt hurt about it.
  10. im sure glad i was as skeptical of the whole operation as i was.if the only thing different on a orange tune and a (insert color) tune is the boost map then its pretty monkeyed that he would charge someone hundreds more for what an MBC could do? my big question is why the hell hasnt lucky tried to explain his actions or at least deny any of the accusations?
  11. So should I "just do it right and order an ARD tune" now? :D
  12. did he come up with the shove it or just first dude on record to do a 540 shove it?