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  1. sounds like you just made a successful m4.4 conversion! is this true?!
  2. you got that off woot?! cuz i was actually thinking about getting one as well hahahha
  3. wow..... just read this whole thread. my brains gonna explode...
  4. wow. im very jealous this car is awesome!
  5. Thanks man. thats what i was implying. not disabling it just resetting it.
  6. I know this is about tuning. but is there a way to clear the SRS light using this? i know that would be very helpful for anyone that accidentally dident disconnect their air bag when working on dash or seat belts.
  7. Same! id throw like 20 bucks his way if i can flash a stock 4.4 manual tune on my car for free your the man! im sure youll get it done!
  8. omg. this is so awesome! so are you guys! gonna save people lots of money haha. so i see youve got sas and evap fixed, how goes the A/C ?
  9. Driving a T5m now :D

  10. Finished my manual conversion this morning!