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  1. I have Ben's rear perches with some 8" 700lb/in springs (due to 0.675 motion rear) and QA1 shocks. The front shocks are f***ing amazing. Literally worth every penny. I cannot explain how much it changed the car (as well as replacing entire front with OEM stuff). Im not kidding you instead of lambo hunting I have been pot hole / man cover hunting and have yet to find anything that can phase the front. It handles any pot hole / bump in the road like a champ with it on full soft. Haven't played with stiffen up the settings yet. See no need yet on the street. No more spine shattering front su
  2. Drove it some more today. There is a little plastic isolator between the bottom of the spring and the height adjuster. None between the top of the spring and the LUXE steer bearing. Heard a tiny bit of metal on metal "squeaking." Might try spraying a little WD40 up there. The Luxe steer bearing does have a plastic isolator between the bearing and strut mount. Got the final ride height adjustment done before my 4 wheel alignment tomorrow. 25.5" from ground to fender in front and 26" from ground to fender in rear. So happy I raised the car up. Now the control arms and axles are flat with th
  3. Car is driving incredibly well. I will say the overall suspension quality has gone from a 4.5 to a 9.5. The difference is drastic and this JRZ front setup can eat up pot holes & man hole covers like its no ones business. Car is going in for a 4 wheel alignment tomorrow so I quite excited to see how everything feels once the front and rear are properly aligned. From the factory strut bearings? No. Only run OEM strut bearings on my beater S70 and before replacing them (original 120K) they had a ton of noise and play but have since replaced them. With BNEs upper perches and LUXE
  4. Made some big moves on the front end... can't even begin to explain the difference it made. At this point pretty much every part has been replaced with a Genuine OEM Volvo part.
  5. Hey guys. Bit more updates on the VC. Its pretty fun on the street when its warmed up if you are just screwing around in 2nd and 3rd gear. Its really just from 1st roll or 1st launch its doesn't work very well. I think the RPMs just rip to redline way too fast and it hits limiter for it to function. I cannot get it to lockup consistently from a dig. If I do get it to lock up it clunks hard after a second of front wheel spin and is probably sending quite the shock through the drivetrain. I quite convinced thats why the angle gears pop is because of the huge shock load it puts on
  6. Genuine IGN1A coils with 14AWG power and gnd.
  7. May have forgotten to post my last two videos so here they are:
  8. I had a chance to weigh the car today. 3560lb (1620KG) with 12 gallons of E85. 3700lb when I stepped on the scale. I weighed it FWD and it was 3300lb without me and 3450lb with me ( with 6 gallons )... so lets say 3350 with 12 gallons. So about 200lb of added weight and insanely improved traction!!!! Seems like a win to me! The gain in traction should significantly out weigh the added weight. If the drivetrain can survive 800awhp highs 9s are possible at this weight. This is full interior, full accessories, spare tire, jack, etc etc. Literally absolutely 0 weight reduction.
  9. Yeah agreed. I think for some reason the VC isn't going to be very compatible with my setup and intentions. Gonna leave it in another week or two maybe. Glad I tried it honestly...
  10. I had some extra time today so I removed my locked VC. Quickly got the new one installed. It doesn't seem much different than my original. Just tipping into the throttle at 5K in 2nd I can easily get the fronts to break loose and go to limiter. I did another 2nd gear pull and it went to limiter fairly quickly and then it almost felt as if torque was continually being added to the rear over a course of 2 seconds until I really felt it. It took all the way until the end of the pull for me to feel what I feel at the beginning of a pull with it locked 4WD. I decided to do a launch t
  11. I started looking into some drag slicks. I found that M&H released a new size slick that has really peaked my interest. 8.5/26.0-17 Drag Slick. Running this size would allow for the same amount of sidewall as a 8.5/24.5-15 setup. They are also the same weight. I definitely bet I could find some 17" wheels lighter than the volvo 15" alloy wheels I planned on using for slicks. Even better this will allow me to go with a bigger brake setup. Im highly considering a setup or something that I can fit under the titans.
  12. Like lookforjoe said the freewheel mechanism is what usually breaks, so if you plan on putting big HP through it I would weld it right off the bat. I haven't had a chance to test my "new" VC which lookforjoe actually sold me... For my situation I am absolutely in love with the locked 4WD setup I have now so I am not sure when I will try the VC. My VC experience was very poor (probably cause the fluid dried up in mine) so I don't have much motivation to try the "new" one and potentially be disappointed again... but then again I could be blown away by a working one so who knows!
  13. The ultimate goal is as best as possible straight line performance. Whether that is 1/4 mile from a dig, 1/2 mile from a dig or 1/3 mile from a 65mph roll. With AWD or locked 4WD Drive (in my case) my thinking is to still put my front wheels to good use traction wise. I have a very heavy engine and transmission up there so I can take advantage of that normal force if I limit rear weight transfer. In the slo motion videos I was getting about 2" of squat on fairly slippery surfaces. When that rear hooks up more it will compress more. The excessive squat can also cause rear sub frame clearan
  14. I would love to buy those beauties but they are not in the budget at the moment unfortunately. I'm thinking of going the route Aaron went and putting Koni 8610-1437 (single adjustable) strut inserts into the TA Technix bodies. I already have very nice condition billet camber plates and the ta bodies are in great condition. Im going to match it with some 9" 550 lb/in springs I think.
  15. It was 65F out today so I decided to run to the garage real quick and calculate the motion ratio (based off of the recommendation of another friend). About 0.675 MR for the rear. Im gonna estimate that my spring rear corner weight is about 300KG. Its probably a bit more with the AWD maybe 325KG. This puts my current 500lb springs around a suspension frequency of 1.8... probably a bit too soft... I found some 700lb/in springs. That would put me around 2.2 frequency. Right now the adjustable combined compression/rebound on the rear shock is set to 14/18