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  1. Semi-Serious Still trying to decide if I want to put a tubular manifold and a real turbo on or not. Time will tell...
  2. Quick update: Project is taking way longer than anticipated or desired BUT! I finally have all my main bearings. Head is back from the machine shop and everything should be going together in the next few months. Been over a year since I last drove it and I really miss it. Shooting for next spring for final assembly, tune, and full vinyl wrap. I will throw together a little build list for those who haven'y kept track and care to know. Block: '02 2.3 (Bored and Honed) Rods: CXRacing H-Beams 21mm Wrist pin (Checked for round and weight) Pistons: Custom Weiscos (Wish me luck) Bearings: OEM
  3. I got $700 for that turbo.

  4. The rods I ordered are indeed for 21mm wrist pins. After talking with you earlier of Facebook i felt more comfortable that way... Also on another note. All of you who are running CX rods. What should I have the machine shop check for when I let them go over them? Is it mostly just checking to make sure the bores are in spec or is there other things that should be gone over?
  5. Car is down for the season. Engine build has started. Current end game is as follows: '02 T5 block with 147mm forged dods and Wisecos, RN pan/cooler setup, port/polish/gasket match/valve job on my '98 N head, also a set of Autotech valve springs and retainers. I have the new block torn down. A "few" pictures follow. But before I start on that. Some will remember I killed the factory engine in the car this spring due to the unfortunate oil pressure loss. Well I tore it down as well simply for fun to see what actually happened. Well metal shavings everywhere. Rod bearing 1 was gone (an
  6. Car is still running. Has a stuck lifter or something and is making lots of top end noise. Don't care. It runs, drives, and boosts great. A month or less till she goes under the knife once more... Currently putting together parts lists for the build. Should be a fun project.. Edit: If i'm at all honest I seriously considered parting the car out. Im sick of little stuff being broken. Or major stuff. Im sick of pouring money into it... BUT. When it comes down to it. I still love this car and would hurt myself in 8 months to year if i parted it. I cant think of what else i would drive accept an A
  7. This is sad. I know everyone else has said it as well. But still. This thing was/is legendary. Best of luck. Out of curiosity would you still recommend short skirts for higher HP applications after recent events?
  8. Damn. Wow.. This sucks... This car has been an inspiration to many of us here. Its always been "that XC with "that horsepower". Good luck H with future projects and everything else as well...
  9. Yep currently on Koni Yellows. I will be going to D2s this winter... Looking forward to it.
  10. Crush washers block side were incorrect I believe. That and the line was bent, so I replaced that as well... Drain could simply be the gasket on the bottom of the turbo.. Have had that before...
  11. Oil leak is fixed and shes running strong! Just need to finish tuning and cleaning it up yet...
  12. So this post has been dead. Ill bring it up to speed. Car is alive again. Just got it running last Friday around 2:30 AM lol . It runs good. Seems to be running a bit lean. I have been just babying it around below boost until that gets resolved. So nice driving it again.. Such handling compared to my beater wagon. Also have an oil leak from my turbo feed line. Kinda annoying. Have a spare line and new crush washers on the way... Heres a few pictures detailing the last couple months.... Hauling it home to the shop after one or more on the rod bearings failed. Start of tear down. Out of the
  13. For those that haven't been following. Car is down and ready for an engine swap. In short: No filler cap+rag+revs-oil flush+oil+week driving-oil pressure+pickup clean out+oil+3 days drvings = Spun Rod Bearing.... Going to be swapping my spare N engine in for now to get it running. Hopefully will be doing a mild to middling build on the engine currently in the car this winter and the reswapping it...
  14. Just a lousy iPhone shot.. Waiting to get the lip on etc before i spend time with a real camera...