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  1. Thanks for the info- that tracks pretty much with my process. I’ve tried ATF, MMO, and even dedicated hydraulic lifters quieter. Each time with a clean oil change- I have varied the oil weight just to test them to see if it made a difference. Clean 10W-30 is in there now, and that has always been my go to. I’ve had a magnetic drain plug for the last 50k miles or so and have never noticed any meta at all, including these recent oil changes. my mechanic has already ordered new lifters. Hopefully that’s the extent of it! 😭 😭 😭
  2. Thanks. I did drive it daily for a few weeks, including some longer drives up to about 30 miles but it really never quieted down. Operating temp doesn’t seem to make much difference.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion and the info! I ultimately posted on Facebook VS and got quite a bit of feedback about troubleshooting. I did try a stethoscope and it sounds loudest just above the intake manifold on the PS of the engine. So potentially lifters. I’m not sure how to link directly to that thread on FB VS but I attached a screenshot for reference. I’ve tried quite a few additives and different weight oils, and have since parked it until I can diagnose further. A local mechanic here suggested it could be piston slap, although that seems exceedingly rare. But I suppose it’s possi
  4. I just bought an OTE pipe to replace a bunch of pieced together couplers and piping that routed from the turbo to the intercooler. If you want any of the stuff circled in red I'm happy to send it your way. I can take individual pictures too it you want.
  5. Exactly my experience as well. I got rid of the IPD's I had and swapped for H&R's which were definitely more comfortable. 1.25" as Greg mentioned. I ran Sachs struts without issue.
  6. I love my Flir camera and have used it similarly. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/coolant-temperature-after-engine-shut-down.1022435/#post-11317859
  7. Excellent. Looking forward to some fresh inspo!
  8. Thanks for the info. These are actually OEM Saab wheels from a 9-3 Aero, see photo. Saab makes some nice looking wheels - I like these too.
  9. All four springs fit in a flat rate USPS priority box, so shipping is only about $25 for all states. These are compatible with 1993 - 1999 850 sedans, 1997 - 2006 C70, and 1993-1998 S70. https://www.hrsprings.com/application/search/resultsbymake/39/Suspension H&R part number is 29958. I bought them in 2017, so they have probably 25,000 miles on them. No rust, some light wear spots. Removed because #loweredlifestyle isn’t for me anymore. I had kids and i got too old, so I moved to the suburbs and returned to OEM springs. I used to h
  10. ** Edited links because videos had no sound ** I started up the wagon the other day and noticed a sudden and pronounced ticking noise that has not gone away. I added some ATF to try and clean up the engine a bit and changed to a thicker viscosity oil just as a test. I’ve only driven around the block since changing but so far no significant change in sound. Seems like it’s coming from the top of the engine- can’t really tell which end though. From what I’ve read plenty of higher mileage P80’s have a tick, but this was overnight- one day no tick the next day a pretty loud one. no chang
  11. I've spent entirely too long thinking about Volvos...
  12. Wow, that's pretty unique given the mileage. Put it on BAT, and get ready to ship it!
  13. Happy to oblige. The guys at NGP were awesome to deal with. Bumper guard took all of 3 minutes to install. https://store.ngpracing.com/rearguards-by-rgm-volvo-850-v70-wagon-1996-2000-w-painted-bumper.html