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  1. Has anyone ever put a walbro 255 in a P2 wagon with the plastic tank? The pump i have does not have the nipple like this one. Will that be an issues?
  2. Has anyone ever put Rear s60 springs on a v70 to lower the back in down a bit?
  3. Just seeing what's out there! Car is on three different style wheels really an eye sore
  4. Feels good to be back with a volvo wagon! picked up a 2001 T5 that needs lots of work. But I love it already
  5. The trans is toast. Drained out the fluid and had flacks in it lol. Time to make a lil drive to texas to get another one
  6. Iv seen past posts about folks getting 300 out a 16T with a nice tune and supporting mods. They might be old post but they are in here. I had a 19T back in the day on my old 850 daily and it did ok ( had a tune and IPD boost control solenoid). Not sure if they still make it BUT it was a 19t on the market that didn't spool so fast in early RPM's.
  7. I ended up getting a 2001 V70 T5. I wanted an 850 just because of the tuning options BUT ill learn to love this one after I replace the trans. Im doing some reading up on tuners now.
  8. 2001 T5 FWD, transmission slips. These are the codes P0740 530D 002F. Im sort of on the fence about trying to replace the solenoid or just the whole transmission. The previous owner has been driving the car like that for about two years. The trans has over 400,000 miles on it, the motor has been changed back in 2013. What is the best approach on it yall think?
  9. looking for a transmission for me 2001 v70 T5 (with manual shift). Im located in fort smith, AR willing to travel a little for the right price
  10. Just picked up a 2001 v70 T5 FINALLY. It needs a transmission. The transmission that's in it has the manual shift. Do i have to put another manual shift transmission in it or can i put a transmission in without manual shift?
  11. I have a few questions. Iv been out the volvo game for a long time now and im looking to get back in real soon. This time im gonna open my options as far as what i want. I use to be only open to 850 wagons 2.3 BUT those are very hard to find in a decent shape and price in my area. My question is who is the "go to" for tunes for the 2.5 turbo engines from lets say a early s60? My old setup on my 850 was a 19T,full 3inch exhaust,IPD boost controller, ARD black tune, white injectors, intercooler and N/A intake manifold. Looking to do something similar on a s60/v70 since thats all i can find for
  12. Good evening everyone! Its been a long time since iv been in the volvo game. I see so much has changed from ARD going out of business to many other things. iv been in the Mopar thing over the past few years and I'm getting tired of it. Been trying to find volvo 850's on and off here in Arkansas with no luck. BUT im selling my Chrysler 300 and getting back into volvos now that im smarter as an auto enthusiast. Im looking forward to getting back wrenching on white blocks (if you guys still call them that) .
  13. As it sits waiting for little parts.
  14. Yeahs thats all i did was ground it and than poped in dick and jane make a porno and there it goes lol
  15. Yeah i was all set to call kenwood and order the laser lol. Got it more for the kids for when we travel. Im going to buy the gps unit for it.
  16. $50 off craigslist becaus guy said t dident play videos. I got it thinking it was the laser and was gonna replace it. Come to find out he dident have the parking brake wire hooked up!
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