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  1. This was taken on my way home from the iPd garage sale 2015... decided to take the scenic route.
  2. Took this on the way home from XXX... near Stampede Pass, WA. ...and yeah, no snow.
  3. Just ordered a new 'R' key fob cover, some upper cylinder cleaner, LED license plate lights, leather cleaner, and some stealth bulbs for the blinkers.
  4. Nevermind.. i'm an idiot.
  5. Did something happen to the forum? I can't post pics without the link appearing from photobucket... ??
  6. I have vacation from August 10-18th... anything happening on the west side?? I miss the shit out of you guys!
  7. So do the endlinks... I got the iPd HD endlinks and they're a pain in the ass to get to stay tight.
  8. I got an alignment done... I fixed some squeaky e-brake hardware... and I added about 5hp with the addition of some cool "#wagoon" decals. See you guys at iPd!
  9. washed her and took a buffer ball to the wheels.
  10. He's kinda like the Coast Guard for Volvos