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  1. Google Street view has my V70 up on jackstands in the carport. *facepalm*
  2. Hah! I looove cheeseburgers, so I guess I'm on the right forum! Yeah, I get it. I mean, obviously I still have my Volvo after all these years. No one is forcing me to keep it! I love that it feels different. I just wish I had a few more available garage spaces to put some RWD cars into.
  3. OK, I have to know. If you have that 911 Turbo, why do you still have the Volvo? Is it sentimental reasons? I love my Volvo, but I have a hard time imagining myself in the future with a RWD performance car of any type, and then still hanging onto my FWD Volvo out in the shop as the "project car".
  4. Since you'Re calling people out, it's also kinda dumb to post BMW udates on a Volvo foRum. 😄 Lol
  5. I never know who to behave when I cruise through the VW etc. forums and see all the people talking about VAG... without joking about.
  6. Not to my earholes. I'm gonna switch back to an R next time I have the turbo off and I'm gonna do a recording of the R and Japanifold to compare. I'm blowing the lid off this conspiracy! Then everyone will know! For science!
  7. Have you guys ACTUALLY gone from R manifold to Japanifold on your own cars??? The "burble" of the Japinfold is a myth. My car sounded exactly the same going from an R manifold to a Japanifold.
  8. Nothing to worry about, I think it's probably a better design. They last a looooong time. I went from external to internal and I sleep fine at night. My wagon is an early 98 and originally had an external slave. It failed early. My parts car is a late 98 with an internal slave. This transmission is in my car now.
  9. Something flew up from the road and cracked my headlight lens. Went to pop the hood to survey damage, and hood cable breaks. Thankfully it did pop one last time, so in order to keep it from closing for the last time, I stuffed some diapers over the latches, but then to keep it from opening while driving, I pulled all the grilles out so I could strap everything down.This is a week after the throttle cable broke on my way to work. Ugh.
  10. Gary, How's that RWD lifestyle? Am I missing out? Should I make a change?
  11. Once you start looking seriously, you can find one. I found mine 7 hours away in Richmond, VA with some rust and high miles. Both of which I can deal with. They show up in Atlanta pretty regularly without rust, but it was the right time and right price to get mine. It is a blast offroad and I love having it.
  12. This is serious stuff. Love it. Can't wait to see this come together in the Spring.
  13. Looking good. What size tires and spacers do you have? About to wrap my Mirzams in some new 225 40 18 rubber. First, I'm rolling fenders to add spacers for the Porsche/R BBK. I'm at 15mm in the front and undecided in the rear so far. I'm crossing my fingers it will all come together nicely.