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  1. Thanks for sharing man, always a good read. Road tuning can be a great learning experience and this car has sure received its share of personalization, keep it up!
  2. For turbo selection, found this tool helpful, just playing with some numbers: http://www.turbodriv...t6_wrsin=92044 Link: http://www.turbodriven.com/en/performanceturbos/matchbot.aspx
  3. Good to see that MAF helped. Saw a few projects overseas with 3.5" or 4" MAFs though many will just switch to MAP. H, that 14 seconds is a bit surprising... my black S70 used to go high 12's 60-120. You've got to have more!
  4. Making some serious progress on this setup man, can't wait to see some big numbers as you push the envelope.
  5. JHEIII874T5M

    Eriks 850

    Erik it looks great, curious to see numbers and your impressions. Aaron looking good man!
  6. Just had lunch the other day with a forum member who was telling me that so many scams were going on. Good move Charles, may have some parts I could move cheap to help get the motor going even more quickly on that site.
  7. Making some interesting progress man. Just read through the thread, cheers to making it happen!
  8. Stellar stance and always a pleasure to see the progress Johann, job well done!
  9. http://www.mutualdebtsolutions.com/ Debt Settlement... good times. Got the job through a guy I used to work for doing fronting at a FHA mortgage company. When I'm not at work, I'm at school.
  10. Drove it to work... thinking about selling my v1 and just getting a laser jammer. V1 is practically useless in the city. :lol:
  11. Lovin' it. Awesome man, seriously awesome. Thanks for sharing! Always brightens my day up to come in here and see the new goodies bolted on.
  12. Very nicely done, looks like a good size too.
  13. Feeling gooooood Now time to cruise down to Miami and see what's going on today. B)
  14. Been a while, but I've got a strong feeling I'll be making a few posts tonight. Cheers gentlemen.
  15. If all you want is two milfs for $625... how about you come on a Wednesday night, we make it 6 milfs and call it a day at $435. :P
  16. $600 delivered to 33486? Upon delivery, I will take you out to milf packed bars and supply the drinks necessary to make them attractive. You know you want it. B)
  17. Anyone have a $500 T5M in driveable condition they want to donate to a good cause? :ph34r:
  18. +10000. Though it's probably because I had 2 essays to write... and Michelle and I went out and got an 8 week old kitten on Sunday... that little sucker has me exhausted right now. And one thing I found odd... the woman at the petstore said to leave him (the cat) in the bathroom for a couple days and just peak in to see how he's doing. Screw that approach, we took him into the living room, let him run and explore all around her apartment, and he's been ecstatic. Already knows exactly where his litter box is and has used it perfectly a few times. Slept with us last night and even let us wak
  19. Centerline RPMs. The silver was Jesse's (jesse850glt) on the boards.
  20. 5% all around ftw and 35% on the windshield. Darn, I miss my 850 too.
  21. Perhaps the fact that I've never even been baptized would play a role in the judgement.
  22. Encountered a damp patch of road while taking the right turn to leave Michelle's this morning... and I realized why I love RWD so much. :lol: