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  1. Last time I bought one of these: they were like $75 IIRC; now there almost $200! Anyone have one they want to part with? Don't care too much about looks, as long as it's functional. Let me know; TIA!
  2. You know it's been so long I don't recall exactly how, or if, I got the cover completely off. Maybe I cut it off and siliconed it back together, or maybe I just cut the two wires near the connector and slid shrink tube over the individual wires as far up under the cover as I could, and then soldered them back to the connector. Will take a look at it later today to see if I can remember... [update: I think I did the latter of above; cover appears to be intact] You may want to ping @Matty Moo himself, as he would know for sure. He mentions in that thread moving the wire harness (a
  3. This thread may be of interest to you
  4. The Mrs.' S70 GLT has developed an odd vibration noise of late when braking. It only does it just before coming to a complete stop. Got to looking around and noticed outside CV boot on driver's side is blown out and outside boot on passenger is about to go too. Funny thing is I just replaced these both about 50K miles ago with local rebuilds. Didn't seem like the noise was related to the axles, but they needed fixing, so got two new axles and installed them the other day. No surprise, the noise during braking is still there. I inspected the brake pads/rotors while installing the axles an
  5. ^^.. not to mention the NA does not have the sodium filled exhaust valves like the turbo engine. @andyb5 posted up a good place for recycled engines before; will see if I can find it. Where are you? Of course used engines are always a gamble. These white block engines are quite re-buildable (unless you threw a rod or something); what's wrong with yours?
  6. No, no anti-lag "feature" installed. The cat was definitely causing excessive back pressure but no way to know which was the egg and which was the chicken in this scenario (between cat becoming plugged up or hot side housing failing). Also note the BOV had a vacuum leak in it too, so it wasn't functioning properly; am sure that didn't help either. With new housing and free-flow cat in there now, the difference is quite dramatic; feels like a new engine again! Though had to back way off on load request in the tune; as I said, tuning starting anew again.
  7. Installed the new hot side today. Tuning starts anew. All I can say is epic fail; my guess is it's been melting down for some time..
  8. Make sure to use quality seats for the repair; there's lot of junk out there. Recommend the IPD HD seats or I believe the XC90 seats also work? You'll have to get a front end alignment after the job.
  9. Sorry, don't do FB. Sounds like you changed the oil since this started? Did you filter it through a cloth when draining to catch any metallic debris? Oil filter too? If you're sure noise is coming from the cam area then it probably is a lifter. Try a clean oil change with 10-30w oil with about a quart (or a bit more) of it consisting of MM oil. If that doesn't free up the lifter, nothing will.
  10. Use a mechanics stethoscope to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. First isolate between top or bottom ends, then try to identify which cylinder, etc. Even cheap $10 ones work quite well: A long screwdriver can work in a pinch, but (of course) be very careful when prodding a running engine. Stay away from the serpentine belt!
  11. Also make sure you are running TP in Administrator mode.
  12. Well looks like I had multiple issues here, but the primary one is what @ChristiaanW200 mentioned; got the downpipe off today for a look-see and holy-sh*t!! The hot side suffered a melt-down that looks like something from Chernobyl!!? The poppett valve looks OK but about a 1/3 of its seat is missing! Couldn't get enough of a look to take pictures but turbine wheel appears OK. Will get a better look once I get the hot side off, but need to get another housing first. Are kinugawa parts decent? This one was new about 5 years ago.
  13. Is your issue only at idle? Not sure if it's related but did those guys re-cal your WB mod bin for your AEM WB sensor? I.e. this issue:
  14. Update: pressure checked the intercooler and thankfully it was good. Did find a significant leak around the bottom intercooler hose, but a new clamp resolved that issue. Tested it to about 25 psi and held pressure after that. But that still didn't fix the boost issue. Even tightened the WGA one turn to make sure it's hard up against the closed stop position. Wanted to do one more test before pulling the downpipe; check the cat convertor. It's aftermarket and it has about 40K miles on it; from what I've read these only have a 25K mile warranty. Tested pressure upstream and downstr
  15. That's really cool (or hot?)!! Xray vision Batman!