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  1. The DeatschWerks DW300 should work for your application. Very good pumps for reasonable price. They don't have a specific kit for the 850 but the generic kit works well. Many on VS have used them w/o issue. I've been using the DW200 (for gas) for several years now. Not familiar w/Quantum; maybe they're good too; don't know.
  2. The 850 has an accessory connector under the driver side dash; not sure if the S70 does? Look around under the driver's side dash until you find the Grn wire w/Ylw tracer. Test it with test light or volt meter but it should be hot in RUN and START key positions.
  3. What exactly is the issue with the regulator? I don't own a C70, so I'm no expert on this topic, but I've repaired a few window regulators in my day. Online I found window regulator repair kits for less than $100, and full regulator assemblies for many $100s! Also find it a little surprising that they found the switch bad and it needs a regulator; can't say for sure maybe these guys are just shot-gunning the estimate to make sure they cover everything before they tear into it. If they've never done one of these before (which is likely?) maybe they're overwhelmed by all the cable m
  4. Hmm, from your description, not sure if you have a starter motor issue, or a starting problem? I.e. when you have the issue, does the starter not turn the engine over? And assuming so, what do you do to actually get it running? Just keep trying? When it does start, does it crank over smartly, or quite slow? If above is the case, try smacking the starter with a hammer or such to see if that makes a difference. It it does, need a new, or rebuilt, starter motor. If smacking the starter has no effect, then need to probe the small green wire at the starter. If not getting 12v th
  5. Well, I was about to say, "Awesome Man-Cave dude!!" until I saw this ^^^ Ah well, it's all good, right?
  6. The 609/610 ecu is for the 1998 MY S/V70 GLT (2.4L LPT) turbo (yes?), but which is for the auto trans? The 609 or 610? TIA! Looks like I can use the 609 for either trans then? Cool! NM then..
  7. Can't start a new topic in Volvospeed News so will reply here.. Curious why VS site is still in-secure (non-https) in this day and age?
  8. It's pre-1999 MY so should be able to reset SRS with vol-fcr (hopefully you still have it?). And yes, it will set the light (I think; haven't actually done that) for the SIPs system. Good to see you back in the pre-99 MY P80 game!! No mods huh? We'll see how long that lasts.. What MY is this one BTW? Or did I miss it?
  9. Who told you to do this? Unless the current (er existing; no pun intended) relay is faulty, or under-designed, replacing it (or adding additional relays) with a higher current capacity relay will not change anything.
  10. What do you guys think of these things? Mrs. is getting the SUV itch (we'll see)..? In case the ad's gone by the time you see this, it's silver with 6 cyl 3L turbo, AWD, 6 speed Geartronic autobox. VIN: YV4902DZ0C2318444 They're asking $20K
  11. Is your issue only at idle? Not sure if it's related but did those guys re-cal your WB mod bin for your AEM WB sensor? I.e. this issue:
  12. That's really cool (or hot?)!! Xray vision Batman!
  13. Maybe I missed it, but what cop coils are those? Ign1A maybe? And for compression checks, get yourself a remote starter switch; you'll love it.