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  1. Drained the catch can. Only takes about 10 minutes to disconnect, drain and reinstall.
  2. Upper spring seats. They wear out and make noise. You probably don't need to replace the upper strut mounts, just the seats. You will need a strut spring compressor to replace them.
  3. Nice find. I am not sure the brakes actually came from iPd. I don't think they were selling them at the time this car was built, and I don't believe they ever sold the 2 piece rotors. That looks like the Euro Sport Tuning setup that used custom aluminum hats on Porsche 323mm rotors. iPd sold their kit later using S/V60R one piece rotors. Cheaper, but heavier than your setup. For the TME tune, I bet that Marco custom tuned the car instead of an off the shelf TME tune. It probably has a better power curve.
  4. It has both the trans and oil coolers as it is basically to replace the stock radiator. I don't use either.
  5. Installed the glovebox repair kit. The door opens and closes correctly now.
  6. An 18T will bend rods, I know from experience. Mine was a failed stock boost controller. An 18T or 19T will get you close to what you want, but you will need other mods, at least a down pipe and green injectors.
  7. Rescued my wallet from the broken glovebox door. Changed a HID bulb out.
  8. I have the DO88, yes. I have been running it for a year and a half I believe. No issues. It is thicker than stock, maybe 10mm or so, and it will extend into the engine bay that far. If you are mostly stock, no issues. I had to change my lower intercooler pipe. I had a 3" pipe and it no longer fit, so I had to adapt to a 2.5" and move to 3" once I cleared the radiator. The outlet on my intercooler is 2.5", so not a big deal.
  9. I would check this as well. I had the same issue for years but didn't know it. When I had my head gasket done a few months ago, they noticed the manifold was leaking at the head. Machined it flat again.
  10. I have had 2 failed, 1 stock, 1 Nissen. I went all aluminum after that. My Nissen did last around 7 years.
  11. I am sure the full load goes through the switches. In the spider, almost all ignition power runs through the ignition switch. This was fine in the early 70's, but Fiat never changed the setup as they added more power hungry accessories. I added a relay setup on the wipers about 6 months ago and now they function like normal wiper speed; first time in the 20+ years I have owned the car.
  12. Nice work. I need to do the power window relays for my spider.
  13. I believe that was my very first mod I did on my car is the iPd mesh grill. Still rockin' it.
  14. Where the stock coil and airbox used to be. I run it inline with the stock PCV system.
  15. First time draining the catch can after install. It looks cool, but not very convenient to drain, so I may need another solution. It does work well though.