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  1. Yea bitches....Im back

  2. Good to deal with!thanks boomin.


  3. My dad's leased 335i is faster than your car... :lol:
  4. Late night painting in a garage with no ventilation FTW. Ha ha...things I do for the car
  5. Kevin used to pimp that shit all the time. Good call
  6. Im addicted to facebook poker... Won over 2k in chips tho today WOO
  7. LOL sounds like it was something he did wrong....
  8. Isn't Pras on my 97 ecu though too?
  9. To me it just baffles because they are oh so obviously meant to center the gasket
  10. HOLY SHIT!!!! that was the only problem?!?!?!?! least it got figured out :)/ :(