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  1. Apparently you don't watch the news. The Iraqi oil infrastructure is attacked everyday. It is sorta hard to pump oil and when it's on fire. I suppose someone as stupid as yourself wouldn't know that though.
  2. NEWSFLASH: Even bush has admitted there are NO hard ties between Iraq and 9/11. So is Bush lying then? The 9/11 panel found no ties, However Saudia Arabia has hard ties to 9/11, terrorism and Bin Laden but Bush has chosen to pardon them for some reason. There was no insurgency in Iraq until we invaded. We have taken a non-islamic state and turned it into a haven for radical islamists to live and attack our troops. Saying that Bush has wasted t
  3. What were the other "problems"? secure borders? cities with running water and electricity? Iraqis living their normal lives? Iraqis owning guns? Iraq not being a psycho islamic state? Don't tell me it was humanitarian because 2.5 million have died in the Sudan and Bush hasn't lifted a finger to stop that. It's pure and simple ethnic genocide and far worse than anything that ever happened under Saddam.
  4. certainly funny it ended right after the election. Looks like Bush squandered 1300 american lives and 100,000 Iraqi lives for nothing. Clinton and the U.N. apparently did disarm Iraq of their wmds because 2 years later nothing has been found.
  5. The war that was suppose to take weeks according to (we'll be welcomed as liberators)Cheney is now coming up on 3 years. The total lack of armor production is another example of just how POORLY planned this war was. Even sadder is that the media is covering Rumsfelds total disregard for the troops safety.