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  1. The rough road sensor's purpose is not to filter outside noises from knock events but outside noises from misfire events. As misfiring is detected by the cranksensor that value can be misinterpreted when the rotational speed of the flywheel is influenced by rough roads.
  2. Piet, Just wondering.... I see one MAF with an air straightener and one without. Did you find any differences regarding air turbulence between the two?
  3. @ykt3pg3: The values are correct. These are the values I took from the signal list in the (Dutch) AW50-42 workshop manual. There is a note however that states that other values wil be measured in case DTC's have been stored in the memory of the TCM.
  4. Well you triggered me to write down my findings sofar: I found that the signal on this line (Pin B26 on the ECM and pin B15 on the TCM) is used on OBDII vehicles (my EU '96 car obiously isn't). Diagnostic tables in the AW-50-42 workshop manual show that the signal should be as follows when no MIL request is present: U = 0 - 1 V with ign. on U = 0 - 2 V with engine running I haven't been able to check these values, but the solution I have thought of was to create a Voltage divider so the Voltage is always 0,5 - 1 V on pin B26. Maybe disconnecting the wire will solve the problem?
  5. Hi all, Today I have signed up as a member on the Volvospeed forum. Already since the beginning of this year I've been reading this topic with great interest. After paying RazorX a visit I got infected with the M4.4 virus because he showed me what he accomplished with m4.4. I own a '96 850 R AT that is completely standard, except for some Volvo extra options (I have mounted the original Volvo performance brake kit (320 mm) and added an extra oil cooler to the transmission). The car is used by me every day and has a mileage of 289.00 mi. I own it since 2007 and have driven it myself for