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  1. Hello ! As I've read all over this topic, pin A19 is definitely not recommended for the WB connection. I've completely disconnected mine from the PCB. My AEM UEGO WB has only one ground and I've connected it to the battery minus lead directly. @venderbroeckand @Piet's mods are not public, who has them bought them. I for one bought the WB mod and the Boost threshold mod but still having issues with them. I think I'll ditch them and go for Aaron's ( @Tightmopedman9) solution, as none of them are replying my messages... Didn't really catch your last phrase ( "the cars rear or my exter
  2. For what I can say, I also have the european model with IMMO3 and had no issues with flashing apart from some 10-20% write fails. I just stop the flashing process, restart it and it succeeds. Maybe worth cleaning your ground points on the chassis too (measure the voltage drop between the battery minus lead and the ECU GND - it should be less than 100mV with ECU operational)
  3. OUT - is connected to the ground plane anyway as far as I remember (connected to IN -) so it shouldn't matter. Anyway, seeing it work perfectly on the bench every time but not working in car baffles me
  4. I don't know what to say here but.... I always disconnect the fan when flashing (I disconnect the black wire connector that goes on top of the fan shroud). When flashing, the lambda sign should stay lit ! If it's flashing, it's gonna fail so you could just stop the process and start over again, no need to wait. Try disconnecting the fan as that draws pretty much current from the battery and (could) influence the flashing process. I myself have like 3 failed flashes on every 10 flashes I do.
  5. I'm not having any differences between the gauge and the logged values anymore, I fixed that yesterday. I am using the right formula which also Piet/venderbroek suggested when they sent me the modded BIN The issue now îs that the logged AFR isn't oscillating around the requested AFR in the VE map (15) but rather around 14.7 (maybe a coincidence ?) I'm.using the AEM UEGO 30-4100 or 30-4110 with Bosch LSU4.9 which outputs 0-5V for AFR 10-20.
  6. Heeeey ! Piet, I've been trying to reach you for a long tine ! Everything ok ? As I was writing earlier, it seems like the WB mod ignores what is set in the VE map. Could you lend a hand please ? I had some issues with the modded BIN from the first release you sent me (car didn't start), and then the second file worked. Maybe You missed something in there ? Can I send you the BIN to take a look ?
  7. Hello ! Thank you for the detailed answer ! Basically shouldn't the wideband mod's purpose be to "move" the oscillation of reach/lean around the point set in the VE map ? If we set an AFR of 15 at the correesponding RPM/LOAD columns, shouldn't STFT flip point be around there ? As you are in the short clip I posted, It seems the changing STFT point îs around 14.7 not 15 (requested AFR, IT seldomly reaches that value). Thats's why I question If the mod is really working as expected.
  8. Well, after 5 years (of which 3 the car was unused because a tree fell over the top), the wideband ordeal IS OVER !!! I want to personally thank each and everyone of you that tried to help me out of this ! You guys are awesome !!! Ttoday, after fixing all vacuum related issues, and still didn't manage to obtain the right AFR, I decided to pull the ECU out and take it apart as I've forgot what I've done 5 years ago. The wiring was like this : - The AEM UEGO has 4 wires - black (-) / red (+) / white (0-5V output) / blue (serial output) - The + wire of the control
  9. Well, 20 minutes to take it down and 20 to put it back is not such an ordeal It seems that the PCV hose was only out of the house coupling. Put it back together and was good to go. Unfortunately that wasn't the reason if my AFR issues. I plugged the BOV, and pressure tested the intake system, no vac leaks. Tried calibrating the injectors again, I used the injector constant and the dead times in the M44 wikia (0.7188 and dead times from the wiki). Vac. is around -10, STFT is oscillating between -6% and 6%, MAF meters 13.8kg/h, load around 1.01. Requested AFR from VE map is 15.1
  10. Ok, back to square one. Removed the dump valve, same thing, so I started the hunt for vacuum leaks. And Lo, behold, the hose from the PCV canister to the intake duct îs split in two. Manifold down time
  11. Wait, what ?! You may be right, and the BOV be actually leaking air OUT, not IN the system, as it's before the throttle plate. You deserve a minimum sixpack of beers for that bitchslap you just gave me
  12. Exactly. That's why I think maybe leaning the whole VE Map by the offset I have would "fix" this situation I also did some aproximations regarding the dump valve. (Unfortunately I didn't have the time to take it out today, I helped a "brother" who bought an 1994 850 2.0T5 with 100.000 miles in mint condition, but one of the heater core hoses exploded on the way home. Yeeeey for April fool's ) If the dump valve would leak under vacuum, that would mean that the MAF would record less air than in reality (but mine measures 14-15kg/h at idle). Furthermore, the extra unmetered air should lea
  13. Hello ! Thank you so much for confirming. I was really intrigued by the -100/+99.2 STFT values. You are perfectly right about the dump valve, but the issues I'm fighting now are when idling. Yes, when dumping the extra air after being in boost, extra air measured by the MAF will lead to a pig rich condition for a short time. The issue I'm facing now is when idling or not under boost condition, the VE map cell / requested AFR is (let's say) 14.9-15 (low load, cruising, tuned for improved mileage), but the AFR gauge swings between 14.2 and 14.7. It's this offset I don't understand