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  1. URO heater hose 9186847 & URO heater hose o-ring clip set 3545662 $35 shipped
  2. I figured this would be the best place to ask since you guys are all imside these ECU's and you really know whats going on. I was wondering what octane fuel the stock volvo ecu is written for so I did some searching. per owners manual " Volvo engines are designed for optimum performance on unleaded premium gasoline with an octane rating. AKI of 91, or above. AKI (ANTI KNOCK INDEX) is an average of the Research Octane Number, RON, and the Motor Octane Number, MON, (RON + MON/ 2). The minimum octane requirement is AKI 87 (RON 91)." This is conflicting in itself and a crock of stu
  3. Tried to make a purchase from your online store. During checkout it keeps redirecting me and saying error. Not sure if you are aware of this issue. Anyways, I need to order something, please contact me. Thanks
  4. thats what I figured, but wasnt 100% sure. thanks for clearing that up for me
  5. Probably newb question, but what the hell is "x70"? lol
  6. subscribed. great info in here. I need to update all my interior lights with red leds. I hate the old man green lights, looks like a cheap american car