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  1. I tightened up the e brake cable on the XC90 today. Used the “cheat” way of prying on the adjuster with a wrench while I clamped vise grips onto the cable sleeve. It holds the car still now while in gear if I push it all the way down, so that’ll do for now.
  2. I'm thinking it is pulling ignition timing for some reason. It could be detecting excessive knock. How are you engine mounts? I've heard of those causing excessive vibrations, and in turn causing a similar problem to what you are experiencing.
  3. Ok so I’m not crazy, that’s exactly what I thought those were lol. I like em!
  4. Are you able to load the stock tune? If it didn’t do it with the stock tune, there may be an issue with the RICA tune.
  5. Just take your time and follow that video... I had a huge issue with this years ago, and that helped me tremendously! It's even easier on the newer engines like your 2006 since the hubs are not spring loaded.
  6. Saw your post on FB, this is a really cool find! I like the Nebulas, they look good on any P80.
  7. If the new TCV didn't help, make sure you check very carefully for any vacuum leaks. Even a small vacuum leak can cause odd boost behavior.
  8. I think that’s the best way to do it on these cars. It’s not worth trying to redesign the PCV system unless you’re making insane amounts of power.
  9. Well that's the important part! Where do you have it mounted?
  10. Maybe I'll drive the V70R today... I have my E39 in the garage for me to change a bunch of cooling system parts and a few other things, but it's too damn cold to do anything. Spring can't come soon enough!
  11. Dumped in some more PS fluid... my pump was groaning bad yesterday. So what's that now, weekly it goes through most of the reservoir? 🤣
  12. I’ve been neglecting my poor R... now that it’s become my daily again, I haven’t had a chance to take care of all the stupid stuff I want to fix like polishing and fixing the mounts on the fog lights. Maybe tomorrow. Oooh, but I did order some Kaplhenke delrin SF bushings last week. Those should be here any day now... gotta love USPS. Those will go in when I swap the rack out. It leaks fluid out faster than I can fill it!