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  1. Hi guys, First of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone here for your hard work and information without which I could not enjoy the benefits of self tuning the ecu. I'll have a suggestion about a simpler way of injector calibration (really fast method,does not require driving and one person can do it),which worked perfectly for me and a question about enabling data-logging and another about the slushbox. Let me share the story in a nutshell. So I moved to Canada in 2016 and I bought an S60 T6 AWD which is a nice and boring car. However I have my beautiful S70 T5 in Europe and I c
  2. I see and agree, it's a better and cleaner way to implement the whole thing from code. No doubt. Also there is something I don't understand,I'm just curious : how can fuel cut@overboost cause lean combustion when there is no fuel at all? If the cut is not during an "injector open" cycle? Unburnt fuel from exhaust because of backpressure? Thanks.
  3. The second part of my idea is not that important and can be difficult indeed. The first part (fuel cut) is the main idea. This circuit would not stay in the car permanently, no. The purpose of the circuit is, to avoid boost spike and bent rods while trying out a new setup for the first time (TCV map, Load map and PID settings) with a bigger turbo. If the software tune is OK, circuit can be removed from the car. In this way, the circuit is simple. Five injectors can be driven with five low voltage low resistance mosfets and a mosfet driver. Microcontroller would just drive the mosfe
  4. Hi guys, I just registered to VS but have been following this forum for years. I'm really happy about all the information found here and I flashed my M4.4 many times. I have an S70, B5204T3@16T, 225HP from factory, replaced with B5234T from an 850 and a S60R manifold. It's around 260HP, which is not much I know, but it's fun to adjust things. Can't go too far because of AW50-42. However I wanted to buy a 20T and a transmission oil cooler, but recently moved to Canada from Europe and left my beloved S70 behind (didn't sell it,never will,it's in very good condition,parking in a g