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  1. I don't know what is your budget for the engine rebuild, but from what I see, the numbers of shops which can do the proper job in Canada is very limited. Most of the mechanics here are incompetent. As you are planning just 19T or 20T you don't need forged engine, but proper tune. Look for 2003 S60 T5 engine (with mechanical lifters preferably), do some small mods on it and you are good to go.
  2. No worries. You have more options. Some people do swap the 2.3 T5 engine with the R head installed.
  3. With proper tune and supporting mods, like intercooler, exhaust, maf turbo upgrade, you can run close to 400hp. If you shimmed the block you can go safely to 400 AWHP. if you are looking for direct swap, the B5244T5 from late S60/V70 T5 is the answer. No wiring is required as this is the same dual vvt engine. Just the internals differ. This one is good for 500 hp (reliable) without opening it. I dont know how strong is the auto transmission and where are it's limits. (I have 6sp manual)
  4. I never used the Tuner Pro flasher. Always flashed with Motronic Suite with 100% success. Why not give it a try?
  5. If you are using stock fpr, 0.7188 should be fine. I've flow tested my injectors before installing and all of them was 450cc at 3 bars. Was using 0.7188 without problems for a year, before switch to 4 bar fpr.
  6. Sorry to ask you, but after you connect the power to B8, did you eventually turn the ignition key to position ll ?
  7. The injectors I've tested: Bosch 0280 155 968/Volvo 9202100 At 3 bars 450cc
  8. Better flow test the injectors first. I did test the greens i have and they was exactly 450cc at 3 bars.
  9. Check if all the plus cables are in place. It could be also your com ports or the flasher set up if you are using the Tuner pro. Try to flash with Motronic Suite.
  10. There should be 2 sensors behind the fog lights plastic covers. One for each side