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  1. Ohh! I see! will use the input for other pourposes insted then! Thanks! Should it not just be so easy as to copy the map values from a 609 bin to a rev5 bin in tuner pro?
  2. I have a question about the "rough road sensor" (accelerometer) Volvo 6842539 (listed as pressure sensor on sparepart sites) As I have understood the sensor is to help the ECU to filter outside noises from knock events? How well does it work? I ask becuse after i mounted my Engine almost totaly stiff i get random knock Readings when there should be no risk of knock event, especially if i miss a gear shift (think shift without clutch) the readings go haywire (my gearbox syncs aint in good shape) My car was not equipted with this sensor and i wounder if I could benefit from
  3. I have the same problem with my Innovate LC-2! where are the 0.2V diff? overall-offset or only at top/bottom of ADC?
  4. I think some of the maps will work incorrectly if you disable the temp sensor, but not realy sure... You can disable it in "Diagnostics Disables" - "diagnostics disable: intake air temperature sensor" i think
  5. There are actually 2 senors on the car, one for the dash and one for the ECU, the one for the dash is located in the spoiler grille to the left in the front, the ECU one is located to the right in the air guard between the spoiler and the radiator on a x70, don't know if the 850 even had this sensor (fast check in wire diagrams seems to confirm this) Its the same type of sensor as the dash ambient sensor, so get a hold on one of those and connect pin 1 to ECU A35 and pin 2 to A18 (or brown/black wire at the coolant temp sensor) Hope this helps
  6. Damn, real sorry to hear that, was a realy nice build! =(
  7. Hi all! I have some questions, hope its OK, I'm sorry if its already been answered. (if you want me to search pls reply a complete search fraise) The Wiki, is it still being updated? Or du you need help with that? Is there any difference with US / EU bins? I'm from europé and i guess the bins on the wiki is US? I have not found any info on the rev6.bin on the wiki, is this the latest bin or is it a derivative? Then I have som questions about a mod in my ECU I've never heard of before (don't know who has done it, it has been so since I bought the car in 20